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Our policies, reports and data relating to equality and diversity

The Equality Act 2010 makes it unlawful to discriminate against people with a protected characteristic, and we're committed to providing an environment which respects and celebrates all members of our community, and is free from discrimination, prejudice, harassment and bullying.

Listed below are details of our equality plan, reports and data.

Equality action plan and data

Equality action plan

Bath Spa University’s Equality and Diversity Steering Group is chaired by Vice Provost Georgina Andrews, and has senior representatives from across the University, as well as representatives from the staff equality networks, trade unions and Students' Union. This group is responsible for overseeing all equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) work at the University, as well as setting our Equality Objectives.

Our Equality Objectives for 21/22 focus on ensuring all parts of the University are working together effectively, rethinking our recruitment practices, increasing support and understanding of liberation groups and issues, and listening to the staff and student voice to set our direction of travel for the next five years.

  1. Mitigate against race and gender bias in our staff recruitment process. We want to ensure our staff represent the diversity of our student body, and continue to close the gender pay gap, so we’re rethinking our recruitment practices.
  2. Promote inclusive Bath Spa culture through increased awareness and support of marginalised and underrepresented groups. Working with staff and student networks, we’ll continue to host a range of events and projects tailored to the community, as well as making equality networks, resources, and events more prominent in our communications online.
  3. Develop more inclusive, accessible, and decolonised curriculums. We'll be working with students, Academics, and schools to run workshops, and create a toolkit to support more inclusive, accessible, and decolonised curriculums.
  4. Develop a whole cohort approach to student inclusion and support, improving experience and closing awarding gaps. Working together across the University, we’ll be working to provide appropriate support and information for all our students, through projects such as the Experience Mentors scheme, Black Leadership Programme, new trans student support guidance, and the BSU sexual violence framework.
  5. Work with staff and students to develop a long term Bath Spa EDI strategy and vision. We want to ensure a strategic approach to EDI, involving and prioritising the needs of our staff and students. We’ve started planning our engagement with the Mind Mental Health Charter and Race Equality Charter, and setting the direction of our long term strategy will be a key aim of this year’s Equality Week.

Gender pay gap reports

Our latest gender pay gap report is available to view.

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Report and Support data

Student and staff data is available for Report and Support, our online recording tool for safeguarding, bullying or harassment concerns.

Other policies

Our policies section contains all our equality related policies, including our trans, harassment, sexual violence and misconduct policies.

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