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Fitness to study – Bath Spa University

The Fitness to Study procedure begins when your health and wellbeing is impacting your ability to fully participate and engage in your student experience.

Are health concerns impacting your studies? If so, you may be referred to the Fitness to Study procedure. 

We’re committed to supporting students’ health and wellbeing, and aim to do this through a series of supportive measures including the Support to Study Procedure and the Student Engagement and Attendance Policy and guidance.

Why have I been referred to the Fitness to Study procedure?

You could be referred to the Fitness to Study procedure if:

  • There are significant concerns about your capacity to study and manage life at University
  • Concerns are too great to manage within the University’s support structures
  • You’re struggling to complete the requirements of your course and adhere to specific professional, regulatory or statutory body requirements, such as PGCE teacher training.

The procedure aims to provide a transparent, thorough and fair process for students. 

We want you to feel comfortable throughout this process. You can bring a friend, family member or colleague to accompany you in a supportive capacity during your Fitness to Study panel meeting. Since this is not a legal process, you won’t be able to bring a lawyer to represent you. 

In some instances, you might not feel fit to attend your Fitness to Study panel meeting. To make things as easy as possible, there’s no obligation to attend. In circumstances where students can’t make it, they can nominate someone they trust to attend as a witness on their behalf.

What happens next?

You'll receive an email explaining the University’s concerns, together with a copy of the Fitness to Study procedure. Information and evidence will be shared with you that explains the concern. This might include statements from academic staff and others involved. 

The panel meeting

You'll be asked to respond to the concerns through a written statement and invited to a Fitness to Study Panel meeting to discuss your views on the situation and the options available to you.

The Panel meeting will be virtual and you can be accompanied in a supportive capacity by a friend, family member, or Students’ Union Advisor. 

You don’t have to attend the Panel meeting if you don’t want to, and the Panel can review written submissions and consider the next steps in your absence. 

Who will be at the panel meeting?

  • PVC Student Experience or Academic Planning or nominee (Chair)
  • Head or Deputy Head of Student Wellbeing Services or nominee
  • Head of the student’s School or nominee
  • A representative from the Students’ Union
  • A member of staff from Visa Compliance (if you are holding a ‘Student Route Visa’)
What are the potential outcomes?
  • Approval to continue with studies or return to studies. This is likely to be subject to supportive measures such as a Support to Study Plan and/or Enhanced Support under the SWS Mental Health Team.
  • A temporary pause to your studies so you can be assessed by a medical professional, access the right support or enable the University to gather further information.
  • Suspension from University with conditions.
  • Withdrawal of Registration.
  • Further information about possible outcomes can be found in the Fitness to Study Procedure.


Can I provide my own evidence for the panel?

You’ll be able to write a statement for the panel and provide statements from relevant professionals such as your GP, therapist or medical consultant. 

Can I continue studying during the Fitness to Study procedure?

If you’re well enough, you can continue with your studies during the Fitness to Study procedure. However, if your health is of significant concern to us, we may ask that you pause your studies as a precautionary measure until the panel meeting.

Can I appeal the decision of the panel?

Yes, you can appeal the decision of the panel. Further information can be found in section five of the Fitness to Study Procedure.

If I'm suspended from my studies, when can I return to University?

If the panel decides to temporarily suspend your studies, you’ll be asked to provide appropriate medical evidence that states you’re fit to return, meet the academic and professional requirements of your course, and can live independently. 

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