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Bath Spa University Access Fund – Bath Spa University

If you're facing unexpected financial difficulty, we may be able to help you.

The Bath Spa University Access Fund provides limited discretionary financial support for full-time students who are unable to meet basic costs from other sources of support.

Most awards from the fund are in the form of grants, although some short-term loans may be available to meet temporary difficulty such as delayed Student Finance Loans.

Types of awards

Students may receive one of two types of awards:

  • Standard: This may be given to meet course-related costs such as rent, general living costs, course costs, travel and childcare.
  • Non-standard: This may be available to assist in a crisis situation such such as travel home for serious family illness.
About the Access Fund
  • The fund is intended to support financial difficulty rather than be a main source of income, and cannot help with tuition fees.
  • The size of the fund is limited and we may not be able to meet your need in full, or guarantee that funds will be available, especially towards the end of the academic year.
  • Awards are discretionary and are paid in the form of a non-repayable grant.
  • Part-time students in receipt of student finance may apply, but may only be considered for course related study costs.

The Access Fund is restricted to home fee status undergraduate students in receipt of a means-tested maintenance loan and postgraduate students in receipt of student finance.

EU or international students may be able to apply to the Emergency Access Fund.


To be eligible for funding, you must be:

  • Fully registered and in attendance on an undergraduate or postgraduate programme (full-time or part-time) at Bath Spa University
  • A home UK student student (ordinarily resident in the UK for at least three years prior to the start of your course, settled status)  
  • In receipt of your full entitlement to statutory funding and any other benefits you may be entitled to.

How to apply

You'll be able to apply six weeks after your course start date (as long as you are fully enrolled and in attendance) but no later than eight months after your academic year has begun.

For those enrolling for 2023/24, please complete this application form and email it to

  • You can usually apply only once per academic year and you won't be able to apply if you have completed your study and are no longer enrolled at Bath Spa.
  • If your application is incomplete it will not be looked at. 
  • Supporting documentation is required in all cases. Applications submitted without all the necessary supporting documentation will not be looked at.
  • Photos of supporting documentation are acceptable if they are clear and can be easily read. In certain circumstances you may be contacted separately and asked to supply additional evidence. 

Applying during your long vacation

During your long vacation (when your academic year has finished, but you haven't completed your study and are enrolling for the next academic year) you may only apply if you are a non-final year undergraduate student and can prove that you:

  • Have caring responsibilities for a child or adult dependant
  • Have an illness which prevents or limits your ability to work
  • Are from a Foyer background or a care leaver/estranged student receiving a support bursary
  • Have reassessment deadlines that fall within your long vacation period, whether the assessment is referred or deferred. Or you're a final-year undergraduate student completing reassessments, whether referred or deferred.

Final-year students must apply at least four weeks before their reassessment date and no later.

Please complete the vacation application form and return to

What happens next

We'll email the outcome of your application to your Bath Spa email address. If you're granted an award, we'll provide full details on how you'll receive it.  

  • You're able to appeal an unsuccessful application. We'll provide details of how to make an appeal in your decision email.
  • If you have any questions, Bath Spa University's Student Funding Team can be contacted at

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