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Bath Spa Works – Bath Spa University

Take advantage of the flexible and exciting experiences available through Bath Spa Works and see how far you can enhance your career prospects.

Bath Spa Works is a series of key initiatives and experiences that will allow you to develop the skills, knowledge, networks and attributes necessary to establish your career with confidence. It contains four key areas: Internships, Placements, Projects and Immersive environments.

Each part of Bath Spa Works is designed to be meaningful for participants and to have a positive impact on skills development needed in the world of work.

Opportunities focus on ten skills we’ve identified as essential for your employability: creativity, persuasion, collaboration, adaptability, time management, analytical reasoning, people management, resilience, communication and emotional intelligence.


Bath Spa Works Internships are paid opportunities with local businesses, taking place throughout the year (including the summer). They vary in length and can be remote, in person or a mix of both.

If you’re looking to do something that adds value to your degree, helps you develop key skills, provides a meaningful impact on the company you’re working for and earns you some money, then visit MyCareer to see what exciting opportunities are available.


Bath Spa Works Placements are opportunities ideal for students looking for experience needed as part of their course. Requirements vary depending on which subject you are doing, but placements could include the following:

  • Short placement modules (including the Work Placement Open Module available to all second year students) - opportunities of up to four weeks that can be completed flexibly during term time.
  • Professional Placement Year - where you can undertake placements of between 9-13 months between your second and third year of study.

Check out our vast range of advertised placements on MyCareer.


Bath Spa Works Projects offer students from any discipline the opportunity to work collaboratively on real life social, environmental or sustainable projects that take place throughout the year.

As well as helping local and regional non-for-profit and purpose-led organisations, these projects will help you develop your employability skills, broaden your work experience, and build your contacts and network.

View Bath Spa Works Projects on MyCareer.


If you have any questions or queries please submit a query via MyCareer.

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