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Unitu – Bath Spa University

Be heard, see change. Unitu is where Bath Spa students can raise issues, ask questions and offer ideas or praise.

Bath Spa University students have access to Unitu, our online student feedback platform, 24/7 every day of the year.

Unitu is where students and student reps can raise issues, ask questions and offer ideas or praise. It helps the University and the Students’ Union to work together with students to deliver faster improvements to the student experience.

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How it works

All Bath Spa students are registered on Unitu and can post anytime, either anonymously or using their name.

Each student's post will go into a private section of the school or university-wide board (where university staff can't see it), and reps or SU staff will initially help and respond. In 2022 reps responded on average within two days, and often resolved the question, issue or idea within that time.

If a rep or the SU can't resolve or answer the post, they'll move it to the public section where university staff can see it. The post will quickly be allocated to the member of staff who can best answer and resolve it with you. At all stages of the process, in both private and public areas, other students can also comment to add their own questions or suggestions.

Once posts are moved to the public section, we aim to respond and resolve them on Unitu within 14 working days.

If you'd like to learn more about Unitu and how it works, there are many handy videos and tutorials on the Unitu Youtube channel. You can also visit the Unitu Help Desk to see FAQs and how to use the platform.


How do I start using Unitu?

As a Bath Spa student, you'll be able to access Unitu automatically.

After you've completed your registration, you'll receive an email from Unitu inviting you to complete and activate your Unitu account.

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What can I post about?

You can ask questions or raise issues about anything to do with the University. Why not use Unitu to:

  • Ask about assessments, teaching, facilities or times
  • Offer ideas for events, speakers or equipment that would help you
  • Raise an issue that you or others need help with or want to be resolved.
  • Offer praise; tell us about something positive that you think should be kept, or offer praise to an individual person.
What can others see on Unitu?

Students can see only their school board and the University board. They can't see other school boards.

School boards

Your school board is monitored by staff and student reps related to those schools or courses within the school. As issues and ideas are raised and discussed, staff and reps can respond and provide updates on progress. They can also share the feedback at staff and student forums within the school.

University board

The main University board is monitored by the Students’ Union, as well as the University’s Professional Services Staff from Student Wellbeing Services, Student Experience, Library, Careers, Registry and Estates (Accommodation, Facilities and Services), who will be able to respond and provide updates.

What if someone posts something inappropriate?

Report it!

Click ‘report content’ next to any post or comment and let us know why you're reporting it. It'll be hidden immediately and sent to staff or student reps to be moderated. They can choose to either remove or reinstate the content, and you'll receive an email informing you of the outcome.

The three-strike policy

All users of the platform agree to the terms of use when activating their Unitu account, which includes the three-strike policy for inappropriate content:

  • First instance: Warning. If a post(s) of yours has been reported and removed, you'll be issued a warning via email.
  • Second instance: Anonymity disabled. Your ability to post content anonymously will be instantly removed.
  • Third instance: Account suspension. You'll no longer be able to access your account.

Both staff and students can also report any inappropriate or defamatory comments to Unitu directly. The content will be removed and, if appropriate, disciplinary action may be taken against the individual responsible for the post.

Read the Unitu Content Policy.

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