Graduation 2021

Information About Graduation 2021

Information for graduates who were scheduled to attend the July 2021 events

The July 2021 graduation celebration events were planned for graduates who had originally been eligible to attend a graduation ceremony in either Summer 2020 or Spring 2021.

The University has taken the difficult decision not to run these planned events in July 2021.

This decision was taken due to continued uncertainty relating to COVID-19 restrictions and the Government Roadmap timings remaining at Step 3 into July 2021.

We understand that this news is disappointing for the graduates that would have been eligible to attend. The health and safety of our graduates and their guests, along with staff and supporting contractors, remains the priority of Bath Spa University. We are committed to doing all we can to arrange graduation celebrations for these cohorts in 2022, subject to any Government restrictions, and will write to the graduates impacted with more details of our plans as soon as we are in a position to do so.

Please send any enquiries to

FAQs for graduates who had been due to attend graduation events in July 2021

Why has the University decided not to run the graduation celebration events planned for July 2021?

The University did not take this decision lightly. Our decision was based on what we could safely put in place for July with the facilities available and full consideration of the COVID-19 regulations, the changed timings for the Roadmap out of lockdown and the risk factors that remain very real during what continues to be an uncertain time.

We have a duty to ensure that any plans we put in place can be achieved within Government regulations to protect the health and safety of graduates, guests, staff and the local community.

We are committed to doing all we can to arrange graduation celebrations for graduates from the impacted cohorts in 2022, subject to any Government restrictions in place at that time, and will write to these graduates with more details of our plans as soon as we are in a position to do so.

If other Universities are going ahead with graduation in Summer 2021, why is Bath Spa University unable to?

We cannot comment on the decisions that other event providers have made as they will be based on their specific circumstances. Bath Spa University had to make the very difficult decision not to go ahead with the planned events. The decision was based on the knowledge of what we could put in place for July with the facilities available and full consideration of the COVID-19 regulations, the changed timings for the Roadmap out of lockdown and the risk factors that remain very real during what continues to be an uncertain time.

Why are you unable to move the July events to September 2021?

Planning for the September Graduation events has been underway for some time. Before any decision was made about the July 2021 events we did carefully consider a number of options, including the possibility of moving the July events to September or a different month in 2021.

However, taking all factors into account, this proved not to be possible. Organising a large-scale event of any type is complex and requires many months of planning, including booking and hiring of equipment, ensuring availability of staff and key external suppliers for the events. The September events have been planned based on the student numbers that are due to attend these ceremonies. It was not possible to accommodate the July graduates in this same period and provide the same level of support, care and safety for the event and all attendees.

When will we know what is being planned for 2022?

The current uncertainty relating to COVID-19 both nationally and globally and the associated impacts for the timing of the Government’s Roadmap means that it is very difficult to make clear plans at the current time. The University will continue to monitor the situation very carefully to determine when it may be possible to put some firm decisions in place.

As soon as the University can provide an update with clear expectations for any future event, we will contact graduates from the impacted cohorts to provide a status update.

Can I hire a gown for my own celebration at home?

Ede and Ravenscroft (E&R) the external supplier of Bath Spa graduation gowns provides a private hiring service which enables graduates to have a gown sent to their home address (UK only), which they must then return back to E&R within 5 days.

Take a look at the Ede and Ravenscroft website for more information.

I have already booked my travel and accommodation arrangements. Will the University reimburse me?

Unfortunately, the University is unable to reimburse travel or accommodation costs. We advise you to contact your travel company, accommodation and/or travel insurance provider.

If you would like a letter that confirms that the University is no longer running the July Graduation Celebration events due to COVID-19 restrictions please email

Information for graduates and students eligible to attend the September 2021 events

The September 2021 graduation celebration events are planned for graduates who completed their award from March 2021 or students who are due to complete their current studies by July 2021.

It is our intention to proceed with the in-person Graduation Celebration events in September 2021 at the Newton Park Campus near Bath. We will continue to monitor the ongoing COVID-19 situation and the planned Government Roadmap to ensure that events will comply with Government regulations in place at that time and we are able to provide a safe and enjoyable day for our graduates, guests and staff, whose safety is our utmost priority.

We will be updating these pages throughout the Summer to keep you informed of the latest developments. Further details about which date(s) have been assigned to your School of study , are due to be emailed to eligible graduates and completing students in early July 2021.

Please note: If your course is due to finish in June/July 2021 - eligibility to attend a graduation ceremony event in September 2021 is subject to completing your course and receiving confirmation of your final conferred award by 31 July 2021.

Any student whose award is not confirmed until after July 2021 will be invited to a future graduation event in 2022.

Please send any enquiries to

FAQs for September 2021 graduation celebration events

Will the September graduation events go ahead?

Based on the current timings of the Government’s planned Roadmap the University remains optimistic that the September 2021 graduation events will be able to go ahead. We remain mindful however that the current position with COVID-19 remains uncertain so the University will continue to monitor the situation closely and communicate with graduates if the situation changes.

We know that many graduates and their guests would want to make early travel and accommodation bookings so we would encourage that any bookings made with travel/accommodation providers include a clear understanding of any cancellation terms and conditions and that, where appropriate, graduates and guests ensure they have appropriate travel insurance cover in place.

If a decision is taken not to hold the September graduation events when would this be announced?

If, for any reason, the decision is taken that the events cannot go ahead in September 2021, the University will provide as much notice as possible. This decision would only be made after an appropriate risk and safety assessment has been made in line with any UK Government regulations or advice. Graduates will be advised via an email to their Bath Spa email address (and copied to the contact email address held on the University’s student record system).

If your contact email address has changed please contact, quoting your full name and Bath Spa student code to let us know your updated contact details.

When will I know if I am eligible to attend a graduation event in September 2021?

Bath Spa University graduates based at the University’s Bath campuses who had their final award confirmed since February 2021 or students who receive confirmation of their final ratified award up to 31 July 2021 would normally be eligible to attend a graduation event in September 2021. Some top-up awards taught at partner providers are also eligible.

The University will send out an email in early July 2021 advising graduates and students of the event date(s) for each School of Study.

If you believe you would potentially be eligible to attend an event in September 2021 but do not receive an email by the middle of July 2021 please contact as soon as possible.

Formal invitations providing the specific time of each event will be sent to eligible graduates after the publication of final award results which are due to be released in mid-July 2021.

My course is a combined award - which event day would I be invited to?

Wherever possible we would like to invite students to attend the event with the School of Study and subject area of their choice.

When we send out the details of the dates for the School of Study Graduation Celebration events we will also send a preference form to combined award graduates & students so they can advise us on any preference they might have for the School/subject event they would like to attend.

We cannot guarantee that we can always meet any specified preference but we will do our best to do so wherever possible.

If I have reassessments to complete over the Summer will I be eligible to attend a graduation event in September 2021?

Students who need to complete their remaining assessments over the Summer reassessment period will be due to have their final marks and awards ratified at the boards held at the beginning of September 2021. Between assessment work being submitted and the final assessment boards there are a number of formal processes that have to be completed so it is not possible to hold the final assessment boards earlier than the beginning of September.

The planning of graduation events is complex and unfortunately there would not be sufficient time to include graduates who have their awards confirmed at the September board(s) in the September 2021 graduation events. These students will be invited to attend the next graduation events planned for Spring 2022.

When will I receive more information about the event dates and how to book tickets, gowns and photography?

Date of events for each School of Study are due to be emailed to graduates and students in early July 2021.

The specific time for each event will be provided on the graduation event invitations sent to eligible graduates after the undergraduate courses’ final award results have been published. Undergraduate results are due to be published in mid-July 2021.

Following the mid-July results publication, it will take a further few days for the graduation invitations to be sent out as the graduation gowning provider will need to set up their graduation gown booking system with the details of the eligible graduates first. The invitations will include information about how to book a graduation gown and formal photography as well as details about the events themselves.

How many guest tickets will graduates be permitted to book (will this change if Government restrictions are lifted)?

Graduates are able to bring up to two guests. Please note that infants and children count as guests.

We have had to set this limit as the graduation celebration events are being planned on social distancing principles and we are restricted to a maximum number of people we can safely accommodate in each marquee and on the campus for the events.

Graduation events are complex to organise and, even if Government restrictions are lifted in the lead up to September 2021, the graduation events’ set-up will continue to be organised with social distancing measures in place for the marquees.

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