Programme delivery statement – Bath Spa University

Programme delivery statement

Your engagement is at the heart of how we teach and how you learn.

Our delivery approach is centred around the importance of connecting students and staff to create a learning environment that is engaging and inclusive, participative and interactive, however the subject matter is delivered.

Will I be taught in-person or online?

We’ve developed expertise in blended delivery and online learning through innovation and student feedback. Our focus is on providing the best possible in-person experience for you and your peers, whilst maintaining the most successful aspects of online delivery that we know will benefit your learning.

All seminars and workshops are in-person. Lectures are either in-person or online but always ‘live’ i.e in real time. In most cases the live lecture is recorded, as we know this is critical to providing an inclusive learning and teaching environment. Tutorials and dissertation supervision can be on-campus or online, depending on your preference, and all exams are online unless stated otherwise. Seminars and workshops are not normally recorded because these have a different dynamic, and are designed as participative, on-campus activities.

What resources are available to support me?

Across our campuses, we have a wide range of facilities available to you, as well as an extensive array of digital services and resources that can be accessed anywhere, anytime. As a Bath Spa student, you can browse the library bookshelves, use on-campus study spaces, head to the Students’ Union for extra-curricular activities, and attend in-person sessions and events from a wide range of University services. You can also book workshops and practice and rehearsal spaces across our campuses. Most services also offer online appointments, too.

When will I be on campus?

Other than in exceptional circumstances, there are no timetabled sessions for undergraduate teaching on Wednesday afternoons after 1.00pm to allow space for extra curricular activities. Timetabled sessions for postgraduate teaching on Wednesday afternoons are kept to a minimum.

Is how I’m taught likely to change?

We continually review and reflect on our approach to the delivery of teaching so that we can respond to both student feedback and to changes in the external environment.

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