Quality Policy – Bath Spa University

The Academic Board has adopted a quality policy, which summarises its expectations of courses.

The quality policy requires that any course or constituent part of a course of study fulfil the following criteria:


  • Accords with institutional mission and objectives
  • Conforms to academic regulations and procedures

Staff teaching programme

  • Know and understand institutional mission and objectives
  • Know and understand course aims and objectives
  • Inform student learning with research and scholarship
  • Develop good teaching methods and skills

Students within programme

  • Know and understand aims and outcomes
  • Know assessment and other academic requirements
  • Can engage in a variety of learning
  • Are active in learning process
  • Receive effective counselling on progress

Content of course

  • Includes appropriate level of subject knowledge
  • Fulfils requirements of aims and objectives
  • Has clear and realisable outcomes
  • Is appropriate in level to standard of award
  • Caters for variety of student backgrounds/aptitudes
  • Instils enthusiasm for subject & learning
  • Encourages transferable skills, especially:
    • effective communication in variety of form
    • imaginative, analytical, problem-solving ability
    • independent judgement
    • skills in independent enquiry and research


  • Are appropriate for stated aims and outcomes
  • Are objective and fair
  • Have clear and explicit criteria
  • Are accompanied by useful feedback
  • Encourage active involvement of students


  • Staff are appropriate in numbers and qualifications
  • Library is appropriate for learning needs of students
  • Library is appropriate for needs of staff
  • Accommodation is sufficient and adequately equipped
  • Materials requirements are sufficient
  • Clerical assistance is sufficient
  • IT provision is sufficient
  • Careers, counselling, support systems are appropriate

Course development

  • Is informed by student evaluation
  • Is informed by external evaluation

Performance indicators

  • Matching these criteria is a set of recommended performance indicators (.pdf) for use in monitoring and evaluation.

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