Education research

Area of research excellence: Education

Bath Spa University’s School of Education has built an excellent local, national and international reputation in the fields of research in:

  • social and educational equity and inclusion
  • special educational needs
  • science learning and assessment
  • teacher education
  • critical education policy
  • creativity in education and
  • early childhood studies.

With interdisciplinary engagement from art and design, creative writing, psychology, and environmental humanities, we produce innovative, socially-engaged, creative, participatory and critical research which impacts on education practice and practitioners, and on wider debates.

The socially-engaged and practice-relevant nature of our research impact strategy has been key to allowing us to develop research in partnership with community partners and research beneficiaries--many of whom we have long-standing partnerships with--who benefit from our research and put it into practice.

This research ranges from work which is a response to an issue identified by partners, to fully participatory, bottom-up approaches which make use of existing local and national networks and enable us to build new ones. It is of direct relevance and benefit to practitioners and community groups.

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