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Types of courses – Bath Spa University

Types of courses

Wondering about what kinds of courses we offer, and which one might be right for you?

Study options

Undergraduate degrees

We offer a wide range of honours degree courses for prospective undergraduate students. Many students join us straight out of college or sixth form, others join us after spending time traveling, or having spent time in the workplace. Depending on your experience, you may be able to apply without A-levels or equivalent.


You’ll complete the course in three years of full-time study, or five to six years of part-time study.

Types of undergraduate courses

Degree courses can be in a single subject (Single or Specialised Awards) or in two subjects, as in Combined Awards.


You’ll graduate with a BA (Hons) or BSc (Hons) qualification, depending on whether you study an arts or science-based course.

Professional Placement Year programmes

These undergraduate courses offer you the chance to identify, apply for, and secure professional work experience, to be taken between your second and final years (a 'sandwich' year). 


Lasting four years in total, Professional Placement Year programmes are your opportunity to gain an undergraduate honours degree and workplace experience over an extended period (usually one to three placements over a minimum of nine months).


By completing the programme, you'll be entitled to add “with Professional Placement Year” to your BA (Hons) degree title.

Integrated Foundation programmes

Undergraduate degrees at Bath Schools of Art and Design are available with an Integrated Foundation Year.

Our intensive and experimental Foundation course is designed to help you reach your full potential. You'll develop your ideas, skills and confidence in readiness for progressing to year one of your undergraduate degree programme.


The Integrated Foundation (Year 0) element of the course lasts one year. This, combined with your chosen undergraduate programme means that you'll study a four-year course. 


On successful completion of the Bath Spa University Foundation Diploma in Art and Design, you'll progress to your chosen undergraduate degree.

Integrated Master's programmes

If you’re looking to study at undergraduate level, but like the idea of finishing with a Master's qualification rather than an undergraduate honours degree, we have some Integrated Master's Programmes. They’re an attractive option because they're designed to help you graduate with improved job prospects and career opportunities, and you’ll benefit from more in-depth academic study and research.


These are four-year courses incorporating an undergraduate degree leading directly to a Master's qualification.


On completion of the four-year programme, you’ll graduate with a Master's degree.

If you change your mind at the end of the three year degree and don’t want to continue onto the fourth year, you’d simply stop after the three years with an undergraduate qualification.

Foundation degrees

If you don’t have the grades or qualifications to enrol onto one of our undergraduate courses, you can consider a foundation course. Our foundation courses are often taught by partner colleges, and provide a combination of academic training and work-related skills.


You’ll study for two years full-time; although for some foundation courses this involves just one day of formal academic tuition per week, with the rest of the time spent studying vocationally in your workplace.


On completion of the course you’ll have a Foundation degree. You may be able to apply to progress to a compatible honours degree and complete a top-up year to get an honours degree.

You may also progress to a work-based learning honours programme when you successfully complete your foundation course.

Taught Postgraduate degrees

Looking for your next challenge? Our postgraduate awards are normally studied after completion of an undergraduate course. They provide opportunities for advanced study that are both academically challenging and vocationally relevant. Undertaking a postgraduate course is a great launch-pad for PhD level study, if you’re interested in becoming a research student undertaking doctorate level work.


Our taught postgraduate degrees normally last one year, if studied full-time. You’ll find that many of our courses can also be studied part-time.


Taught programmes lead to the award of Master's degrees (MSc, MA, MTeach or MRes) or Postgraduate Diplomas (PGDip).

Research degrees

We offer opportunities for supervised, original research leading to the degrees of PhD and MPhil. Successful completion of a research degree represents the fulfilment of your intellectual potential and a major life achievement.


PhD, full-time 24 – 60 months
PhD, part-time 36 – 84 months
MPhil, full-time 18 – 36 months
MPhil, part-time 30 – 48 months
Professional Practice PhD, full-time 36 – 60 months
Professional Practice PhD, part-time 48 –72 months


Research programmes lead to the award of MPhil or PhD.

Postgraduate Certificates in Education (PGCE)

Want to become a teacher? You’ll be able to apply for one of our PGCE courses after you’ve completed an undergraduate degree. Bath Spa University has a long tradition of teacher training, and courses are planned and taught in close collaboration with teachers in schools.


Our PGCE programmes typically last one year. A high proportion of time is spent on school placements, working with pupils, teachers and University tutors in the classroom.


If you successfully complete one of our PGCE programmes you’ll gain Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) as well as a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE).

Short courses

We offer a range of short courses, both self funded and free courses which are funded by the government. Whether you're looking to reskill into a new career, enhance your knowledge or explore an interest, we have courses to suit everyone.

Distance Learning

Do you want to take your learning to the next level from the comfort of your own home? At Bath Spa we offer a number of distance learning courses that are taught and assessed entirely online, giving you the opportunity to study anywhere in the world.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

We offer a range of Continuing Professional Development programmes. These provide structured training and development for teachers, lecturers in post-compulsory education, and other professionals.


Maximum flexibility is built into the delivery of these programmes, so that you can fit them around your current commitments.


The qualification you’ll get when you successfully complete your course varies depending on the course.

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