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3D Print – Bath Spa University

Our making space is open to all students and provides a creative area to explore various types of 3D construction.

The applications of 3D print are limitless, being used to create prototypes, final models, artworks, moulds, textiles etc. 3D printing is a rapidly expanding technology and will be utilised more and more in the future. It is a vital skill for all designers/makers/artists to understand and be familiar with.

The workshop is free to use for anyone for any project once they have been inducted. The 3D printers can also be used remotely, meaning you can send a digital file to the on-site printers and collect at a later date from a collection point.

At university you can experiment and learn with the up to date technology, including 3D scanners and CAD modelling software, without having to invest heavily in the hardware and machines. You can also take advantage of our 3D digital processes workshop including rapid prototyping and digital transfer printing.

This workshop also stocks a wide range of colours of print materials to enable you to realise your ideas. We can also make supplies of exotic materials such as wood,rubber and ceramics available for printing.

As a Bath Spa student of any course, once you’ve booked and attended your safety induction, you can use any of our workshop facilities.

We work closely with your course tutors to ensure that you’re inducted to the workshops that are relevant to your course, and this process is ongoing and flexible – you’re encouraged to attend refresher inductions as needed so that you’re always working safely with the wealth of techniques, facilities and technical support available.

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