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Creative Practice and Embodied Knowledge – Bath Spa University

A research collective that aims to celebrate and elevate knowledge that exists and emerges from our creative, embodied interactions and experiences.

The Creative Practice and Embodied Knowledge Research Group draws on research from (but is not limited to) the fields of dance, performing arts, music, theatre, creative writing and interdisciplinary artmaking.

Through the enmeshed, intermingling of ideas across and through domains it is concerned with the diverse forms of knowledge which reside in our practising, moving, creative bodies and aims to find ways in which this can be explored and shared across different disciplines and contexts.

The participants embrace collaborative dialogue and shared exchange working in post disciplinary spaces; unknowing and uncertainty are central components of speculative research enquiry.

We are interested in pushing at the edges and borders, traversing boundaries, sharing processes and practices, creative play and inventive modes of research enquiry both inside and outside the academy that place creative and embodied knowledge in motion.

Ways of working

The group’s research activities and modes of working explore and respond to pressing socio-political, environmental and economic concerns that inform and shape the conditions in which our research endeavours, creative work and institutional responsibilities are located.

Its working practices and ethos are underpinned by a concern for collegiality, listening with care, decolonisation and shared responsibility as we collectively work to reframe notions of achievement, competition and comparison through practices of speculation, relating otherwise, slowness, and deep listening.

Our activities

The group's activities are open to artists, academics and the public, from aligned and unaligned disciplines, who are interested in how different approaches to knowledge production and exchange can inform practices and reflection on creativity, composition, cohabitation, collaboration, porosity and being in the world.

We hope to open discourses around creative practices, what constitutes a body, different and multiple ways of and approaches to embodiment to ‘undiscipline’ bodily knowledges and share insights and experiences across both human and nonhuman domains.

Group co-convenors:

  • Paul Wyse
  • Simon Hunt
  • Parke Fech
  • Susan Sentler
  • Anna Heighway
  • Vicki Hearne
  • Chris Lewis-Smith
  • Pete Yelding
  • Gather Up Collective

Events and performances

Unless otherwise stated, our events are free and open to staff, students and members of the public.

Embodying Ecocide: Between Hope and Hopelessness – 21 March 2024

Thursday 21 March 2024, 5-7pm – University Theatre, Bath, BA2 9BA

  • A curation of live performance, film and discussion.
  • A joint collaboration between Sarah Alexander, Dr Chris Lewis-Smith and Sivan Rubinstein.
  • This event is the first in a series of public activities presented by the ​Creative Practice and Embodied Knowledge Research Group​​​.

As ecological breakdown continues to accelerate. How can we find ways to cope with the information we are receiving, and to share our anxieties? Whether it is through a sense of hope, hopelessness, or somewhere in between, this event provides a space for creative practice as a form of embodied knowledge, greater understanding and awareness, and exchange.

The event will be followed by Sivan Rubinstein’s ‘No Land B’.

Booking is essential – book your place now.

Contact us

If you would like to get in touch with us, please email:

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