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Food and Nutrition Labs – Bath Spa University

In the last two years, we've significantly invested in our specialist facilities for BSc (Hons) Food with Nutrition and BSc (Hons) Human Nutrition.

We have a bespoke low hazard laboratory which is used for food product development, recipe formulation, nutrition, sensory evaluation of foods and exercise physiology. In addition this specialist facility is also used for behavioural and physiological teaching using biopacs.

Inside the Wellow building on Newton Park campus, you'll be taught in a wonderful new laboratory complex. The building has a large teaching space that can be divided for more intimate classes. There is also a dedicated project lab and instrument room.

The specialist facilities in Wellow allow for:

  • Detailed food analysis (protein, fat, carbohydrate, ash etc)
  • Microbiological analysis
  • Shelf-life testing, packaging development

The specialist analytical equipment enables us to conduct a number of analyses such as the measurement of micronutrients, vitamins, fat, sugar, flavour profiles and colour to mention but a few.

The project lab will allow 9am to 5pm access for dissertation and project students.

In addition to these facilities we have three additional laboratories, another project laboratory, two research laboratories and a dedicated student learning space.

We also have professional nutritional software (Nutritics) that can be accessed by all food and nutrition students.

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