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Art and Design Collection – Bath Spa University

The Art and Design Collection aims to document the history and works of students, staff and visiting artists who have studied and worked at Bath Spa University and its predecessor colleges.

Bath Spa University has a unique collection that reflects historical and contemporary art, artefacts and archives related to its important history as the former Bath Academy of Art.

The collection is a valued resource representing art education, art practice and related creative endeavours, along with its landmark environs and the movable cultural heritage that is associated with it. It is committed to retaining the singularity of its collection which encompasses the teaching, training, professional practice and history associated with art and design education since the mid-19th century.

This nationally significant art and heritage collection includes works on paper, paintings, sculptures, teaching aides, and archival material, as well as artefacts relating to the sites the institution has occupied. The collection is also of significant value to the University as it represents the heritage and culture of our students, staff and alumni.

With significant holdings of British and international art dating back as early as the 15th century but with a special emphasis on twentieth-century works, the collection is a major resource within the University, both as a historical record as well as an aid to teaching and research.

There are four distinct groups of items within the Art and Design Collection, namely:

  • The Art Collection
  • The Student Collection
  • The Heritage Collection
  • The Wunderkammer Natural History Collection

The collection is currently undergoing assessment and cataloguing but much of it is accessible for research and study by appointment.


For more information or to make an appointment, please contact or follow us on Twitter: @BathSpaCollect.

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