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More than a qualification – Bath Spa University

Our graduate attributes are designed to set you up for a positive future. Find out what they are and how they benefit you below.

Studying at Bath Spa University is about more than gaining a qualification. Through your University journey we’ll help you become:

  • Employable: equipped to flourish in the global workplace, able to work in, and lead, teams;
  • Able to understand and manage complexity, diversity and change;
  • Creative: able to innovate and to solve problems by working across disciplines as a professional or artistic practitioner;
  • Digitally literate: able to work at the interface of creativity and technology;
  • Internationally networked: studying abroad for part of your programme, or studying alongside students from overseas;
  • A creative thinker, doer and maker;
  • A critical thinker: able to express your ideas in written and oral form, and possessing information literacy;
  • Ethically aware: prepared for citizenship in a local, national and global context.

We’re determined to help you be the best you can. We’ll guide you to become a socially engaged global citizen, who can work creatively and enterprisingly in whatever you go on to do.

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