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Area of research excellence: Art and Design

Bath School of Art and Bath School of Design (Previously the Bath School of Art and Design) have a linked history stretching back to 1853, when an Art school was formed in the aftermath of the 1851 ‘Great’ Exhibition, to serve the needs of the local and regional populations in culture and its industries.

The Schools have been actively pursuing this purpose alongside an increasingly national and international scope ever since.

Our research environment is organised to best meet the needs of two distinct Schools which both share a strong emphasis on the dynamic properties and relationships between of Making and Thinking. For us, Making and Thinking are understood, in the broadest, generative sense, to be entirely symbiotic.

Research in the Schools emerges from the development of this culture, with strengths in specific areas:

  • material exploration and expression
  • new forms of participatory curatorial practices
  • critical interrogations of space and place, art and text and
  • live art/performance.

We recognise and build directly on our staff research strengths, steering our research focus away from the technical ends of design to prioritise our focus on the softer end of design and artistic research, underpinned by critical rigour and material experimentation.

Thus, our focus is predominantly practice based research and the exploration of materials and processes organised around Contemporary Art and Design and their various connected disciplines, such as:

  • animation
  • ceramics
  • curatorial practice
  • drawing
  • fashion design
  • graphic design
  • illustration
  • installation
  • moving image
  • painting
  • photography
  • printmaking
  • sculpture
  • textiles and three-dimensional design
  • live art and
  • text based arts.

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