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Priority Halls – Bath Spa University

Disabled students, students with medical conditions, students who are care experienced, foyer leavers or estranged from their family, and who would be unable to attend University without living in halls of residence, where possible, will be given priority.

Priority Halls

The Student Accommodation Team work alongside Student Wellbeing Services to make reasonable adjustments to support individuals who, due to disability, a long-term medical condition or sensory or physical impairment require adapted accommodation or a particular location to help them participate in, and enjoy a fulfilling university experience.

You may require a studio flat because of a significant dietary condition, such as an allergy that can be life-threatening, or living off campus might restrict your capacity to manage, because of a disability or medical condition. Our halls of residence include twenty-four rooms that have accessibility adaptations. When you complete your application for accommodation, you need to inform the Student Accommodation Team of your accessibility requirements.

The University is committed to making reasonable adjustments to support students and this includes adaptations to halls of residence. Accommodation is allocated based on students’ needs, and reasonable room adjustments will be made where and when possible based on individual requirements. However, if you may require additional or specific adaptations please contact the Student Accommodation Team as early as possible to discuss, as there may be practical considerations that need to be taken into account.

Typical Adjustments

Bath Spa University has a range of accessible and adapted rooms, including some with specific equipment and fixtures.

When completing your application for accommodation, please think carefully about how the accommodation meets your requirements. The following are examples of adjustments and equipment which are helpful for you to consider when making your application.

  • Accommodation near to your study campus
  • Accessible parking near to your accommodation
  • Ground Floor accommodation
  • 1st Floor or above accommodation
  • Accommodation with a lift
  • Wheelchair/scooter storage space and charging point
  • Automatic doors to flat and room
  • Hoist (either fixed or mobile)
  • An ensuite bathroom
  • Adapted bathroom/toilet (shower seat, grab rails, height adjusted facilities)
  • Adapted kitchen (wheelchair accessible with height adjusted facilities)
  • Fire alarm vibrating pillow
  • Flashing fire alarm
  • Fridge in room
  • Space for specialist furniture
  • A carers living space - charged at normal rent for contract period
  • Facilities for an assistance animal. Please see our Assistance and emotional support animal policy

The University works with AccessAble to produce accessibility guides for our halls of residence  - you can find these at AccessAble.


Please note, as a student at Bath Spa, you’re only permitted to park on campus if your term-time residence is outside of the restricted postcode areas, or you are a Blue Badge holder, or eligible for a Student Permit due to exceptional circumstances; see student parking

Parking permits can be arranged for carers and care agencies supporting students with disabilities on campus. Please see here.

Accommodation Financial Subsidy

Where a student has additional accommodation costs and lives in a halls of residence (listed here) as a direct result of a disability i.e. they require a studio flat (self-contained bathroom and kitchen) rather than a standard en-suite room, they may be eligible for a subsidy.

Please contact Student Wellbeing Services for more information on how you can apply.

Care experienced, foyer and estranged students

If you are estranged from your family, care experienced or a foyer leaver, the University can help you to find suitable accommodation for the duration of your course including vacation periods if required. You can find more information here. Student Wellbeing Services are here to help - please get in touch and a wellbeing advisor will be available to discuss your accommodation requirements.

Continuing Students

Current students who wish to apply or reapply for a priority place in halls must email the Accommodation team directly to request more information about this process. In your email please specify that you are enquiring about Priority Halls and your reason for applying (e.g. you are a student with a medical condition). Please ensure you have contacted us prior to the 30 June deadline and you are familiar with the categories of priority student groups listed in the section below.

Categories of priority student groups

As a continuing priority student the following halls of residence options are available to you.

Newton Park halls are only available for SP1 or SP2 students, as Newton Park (Gardens and Lakeside) rooms are reserved for undergraduates in their first year of study.

If you feel that you would benefit from additional support to transition to a different accommodation location, please contact Student Wellbeing Services via My Wellbeing.


Students whose disability means they cannot live in the private sector e.g. a student who requires a live-in carer, where specific physical adaptations have been made to a room.

Eligible halls? Any halls of residence*


Students who are care leavers, have lived in a foyer or are estranged from their family (more information here). 

Eligible halls? Any halls of residence


Students whose disability or circumstances mean they would benefit from living in halls e.g. students who identify as neurodivergent and/or autistic.**

Eligible halls? Bankside House, Charlton Court, Waterside Court, and Twerton Mill.


Where the impact of a student’s disability means they would not be able to engage with their studies if they did not live on their study campus.**

Eligible halls? Any halls of residence


Students who would simply prefer to live in halls e.g. commute from home is long, no-one to live with.

Eligible halls? Continuing SP4 students will not be eligible to live in halls of residence.

*When specific accessibility adaptations have been made to a room, continuing students will be allocated the same room. Adjoining carers rooms are located in Gardens accommodation only.

**Supporting medical evidence will be requested and reviewed by the Student Wellbeing Service.

Please note that if you haven’t identified as disabled on UCAS or with the University, your application to continue living in halls will need reviewing. Please contact Student Wellbeing Services via My Wellbeing as soon as possible.

Personal Care 

Please note the University does not provide funding for personal care support.

If you have personal care support, or think you may require personal care support, please ask your social worker or key worker for a reassessment as soon as possible. Your requirements may be different in a higher education independent living environment - for example, you may find you will need assistance with daily personal care, cooking, shopping, cleaning and laundry. The University does not fund personal care for students, as this is the responsibility of their Local Authority.

In our experience, successful moves to University for students requiring personal care support can take time and require effective liaison with external support teams. Where possible, please contact Student Wellbeing Services and Accommodation at least 9 months before your intended arrival at university.

  • We have five rooms with adjoining carer’s rooms – these are not always available as existing students may occupy them and a suitable alternative may not be available.

Additional Reasonable Adjustments

To help your transition into university please make sure that you complete the Academic Access Plan Questionnaire if you identify as disabled and /or neurodivergent; have a mental health condition, a medical condition and/or sensory or mobility impairment.  

Your responses will start a conversation with a University Accessibility Advisor about your requirements as soon as possible.

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