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Woodwork – Bath Spa University

Create, craft and construct in our woodworking workshop with all the tools you need.

In the Wood Workshop you can process both natural timbers and sheet composite boards for the manufacture of furniture, display units, paint surfaces, moulds and any other wood based items. The workshop has many different woodworking machines, with portable power tools and hand tools to complete any sort of timber processing needed. There is also a great range of tools that enable students to prepare natural timbers, carry out furniture and stretcher building, turn wood and use other techniques to produce their finished items.

We stock some sections of timber and the usual sheet material. As a student, you can bring your own materials into the workshop for processing. We also try to supply as much recycled material as possible for you to use.

We have a range of machinery to carry out woodworking tasks:

  • Vertical panel saw
  • Surface thicknesser
  • Mitre guillotine
  • Hollow chisel mortiser
  • Wood lathe
  • Other tools such as bandsaws, mitre saws, table saws, pillar drills, router tables, bobbin sanders, disk sanders, a linisher.

As a Bath Spa student of any course, once you’ve booked and attended your safety induction, you can use any of our workshop facilities.

We work closely with your course tutors to ensure that you’re inducted to the workshops that are relevant to your course, and this process is ongoing and flexible – you’re encouraged to attend refresher inductions as needed so that you’re always working safely with the wealth of techniques, facilities and technical support available.

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