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Research Strengths – Bath Spa University

The Bath Spa Research Centre for Environmental Humanities draws together scholars from across the University in pursuit of new insights and creative responses in the face of deepening socio-environmental concerns and crises.

Art and Ecology

Ben Parry, Charlie Tweed

Conservation biology, ecology, and future food

Lori Bystrom, Stephanie Greshon, Ralph Thompson, Miriam Thavarajah

Ecopoetics and Ecocriticism

Kyriaki Hadjiafxendi, Richard Kerridge, Nicky Lloyd, Samantha Walton

Education and Nature

Lucy English, Penny Hay, Mel McCree, Samantha Walton

Environmental fiction and nonfiction nature writing

Richard Kerridge, Samantha Walton

Environmental histories and heritages

Eleanor Barraclough, Sara Penrhyn Jones, Matthew Law, Heather Winlow, Sian Sullivan

Environmental philosophy, ethics, and religion

Paul Reid-Bowen, Mike Hannis

Environmental visual, digital, and performing arts

Sarah Alexander, Mel McCree, Sara Penrhyn Jones, Rew Lowe, Mariele Neudecker, Charlie Tweed, Stephen Vaughan

Global development and sustainability

Giovanna Gioli, Sara Penrhyn Jones, Sian Sullivan, James Jeffers, Matthew Law

Hazards, Risks and Disaster studies

Giovanna Gioli, James Jeffers, Stephen Vaughan

Multi-species studies/post-human geographies/new materialisms

Richard Kerridge, Sian Sullivan, Charlie Tweed

Climate Change

Giovanna Gioli, James Jeffers, Rew Lowe, Sara Penrhyn Jones, Matthew Law, Sian Sullivan

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