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About REACH – Bath Spa University

The Centre for Research in Early Childhood (REACH) works to raise the visibility and status of research in Early Childhood.

The Centre for Research in Early Childhood focuses on children’s relationships with the human and more-than-human world and how this shapes identities and lived experiences. There is a strong commitment to raising the visibility and status of both children and practitioners working within early childhood contexts, and an aim to influence local and national early childhood policy.

Researchers within the centre draw on innovative methodologies to disrupt dominant discourses and cultural assumptions which underpin pedagogy and practices within early childhood. There is particular interest in interdisciplinary research and videography. Theoretical focuses include New Materialism and Posthumanism; Praxeology, Sociocultural and Cultural-Historical perspectives, and Participatory studies.

The centre aims to:

Raise visibility

Raise the visibility and status of research in the field of Early Childhood through rigorous, interdisciplinary and collaborative projects across national and transnational contexts.


Contribute new knowledge to the existing body of theory and practice within the field Early Childhood. 


Disseminate findings from research through conferences, open access journals, and quality academic and professional publications.


Impact on policy and practice in Early Childhood, in a range of settings.

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