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Paint – Bath Spa University

Go beyond canvas - create, explore and enhance your practice in our specialist paint workshop.

Bath Spa is one of the few universities to have a painting workshop, as well as a dedicated painting technician. Working with the technician, you'll deal with paint and other fluid materials not just as a picture makers, but also makers of things. You'll explore various painting techniques from the Renaissance to modern contemporary, with access to tools and equipment including a ball mill for grinding pigment, thermostatically controlled hotpots for varnish and medium making, and peristaltic (or roller) pumps for painting machines.

Expand your knowedge with specialist workshops on making paint, varnishes and mediums, colour theory, hanging and displaying 2D artworks. We also offer bespoke workshops on things like making paint into textiles, fresco making, and pigment from unusual things. The workshop has a variety of materials and tools for various procedures, as well as specialist cleaning and air extraction.

Our painting methods room includes:

  • Surface preparation and priming; board, panel, canvas (cotton duck, linen union, calico), paper and metal for oil and acrylic, and many other types of paint
  • Paint making, including choosing and grinding pigment and combining with oil or other suitable mediums
  • Painting grounds (including Gesso), paint medium and varnish making, both modern and traditional
  • Painting techniques of all kinds
  • Water-based paint spraying techniques
  • Natural resin and wax techniques

As a Bath Spa student of any course, once you’ve booked and attended your safety induction, you can use any of our workshop facilities.

We work closely with your course tutors to ensure that you’re inducted to the workshops that are relevant to your course, and this process is ongoing and flexible – you’re encouraged to attend refresher inductions as needed so that you’re always working safely with the wealth of techniques, facilities and technical support available.

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