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Life in Bath – Bath Spa University

Bath blends ancient history and contemporary cool in beautifully built Palladian architecture. Here are some of the reasons why Bath Spa students fall in love with the city of Bath.

Great location

Bath is a vibrant place famous for its Roman Baths and Georgian architecture. A UNESCO World Heritage city, Bath is situated in the beautiful countryside of the South West. By train it's only 15 minutes from Bristol and 90 minutes to London.

I visited other universities, but none of them gave me the same level of excitement and feeling of potential that I experienced when I came here to Bath.


Social buzz

If you're looking for lots to do, you'll find whatever you're into in Bath or nearby Bristol. In Bath you'll find a buzzing cultural hub, with award-winning restaurants, boutique and high-street stores, theatres, museums, bars, nightclubs, cinemas, plus a huge array of live music and comedy venues. In Bristol you'll find more live music venues and a wonderful eclectic mix of bars and restaurants.

Lots of culture

The beautiful city of Bath is steeped in arts and culture, with plenty of festivals celebrating comedy, music, literature, art, food, films and digital. There's even a Jane Austen festival!

“I have loved living in Bath, it is such a beautiful and easy place to live. There are lots of different places to visit and an array of cafes, bars, and historical sites.”

Alicia Penny, English Literature and Religious Studies

Quick guide to Bath

Bath is overflowing with famous sights, places to eat and drink, some of the best shopping experiences in the UK, and great nightlife. When you're not in class, make sure to enjoy everything the city has to offer.

Places to visit

Bath is a UNESCO World Heritage site known for its history and beauty.

Top places to visit: Roman Baths and Pump Rooms, Bath Abbey, Jane Austen Centre, Fashion Museum, The Circus, Royal Crescent, Royal Victoria Park.

Things to do

There's always something happening in Bath. Don't miss its eclectic events, performances, and tours.

Top things to do in the city: take a sightseeing bus tour or the Bath Skyline Walk, see a movie at the Little Theatre, visit the Theatre Royal, experience the nightlife.

Food and drink

Bath is famous for many types of food and drink. Sally Lunn's buns, afternoon tea, and traditional pubs can all be found in Bath.

Top food and drink to try: Sally Lunn's Historic Eating House, Bath Pump Rooms, fish and chips, The Raven Pub, Bath Bakery, Bath Cheese Shop.

Getting around

Take the dedicated U5 bus to get from Bath to Newton Park campus, and all stops in between (find out more on our Getting around page). If you're looking to travel further, Bath train station has links to every city in the country.

Plenty of opportunities

Bath is major player in the South West and is part of a fast-moving creative and technology cluster which includes gaming, app and software development, animation, marketing, TV, publishing and much more. There's plenty of exciting creative opportunities for students studying in this great city.

It's friendly and safe!

Bath is ranked as one of the top safest student cities in the UK by the Complete University Guide. It's a great place to live and the large number of tourists and fantastic student population generates a friendly and bustling feel to the city.

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