School of Sciences – Bath Spa University

School of Sciences

Explore the influence of nature and culture on our world.

Through our teaching practices and research methodologies we question, explore, observe and investigate pressing issues and complex challenges in areas from creative social justice and environmental sustainability, to health and wellbeing for individuals groups and populations at local, national and global levels.

We collaborate with others to produce specialised and interdisciplinary evidence to implement, promote and inform solutions to create genuine impact. We equip students with the theoretical and applied knowledge, experience, and skills to develop critically engaged, ethically-minded, and effective graduates. 

Explore our teaching and research across our areas of speciality in Biology, Criminology, Geography and the Environment, Psychology, and Sociology. 

Head of School

Sabbir Ahmed

"The modules I chose gave me a great footing for going into consultancy; most of my colleagues have needed a Masters degree to get into consultancy, but clearly a BSc from Bath Spa is well thought of!"

Ewan Gibson, BSc (Hons) Environmental Science graduate

Research communities

"The combination of creativity and systematic learning creates an atmosphere where learning can truly flourish."

Michele Garibbo, BSc (Hons) Psychology graduate


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