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Guidance workshops – Bath Spa University

Help your students grow their talents in whichever area of study they choose.

Our sessions can be delivered in either a talk or workshop style. Talks are ideal for assemblies and usually run for around 30 minutes, with extra time for any questions. Our workshops are best suited in a classroom and can take up to an hour, with activities.

Why Higher Education?

Students will explore the reasons why people choose Higher Education, understand the different types of qualifications they can study, and the wider skillset they can obtain as a university student. Students will be given the opportunity to reflect on their personal priorities and interests, to guide them towards thinking about their Higher Education options. 

Gatsby Benchmarks: 2, 7

Student life @ Bath Spa

We'll cover range of topics such as student accommodation, academic life, socialising and budgeting. This session usually includes a question-and-answer session where your students can ask current Bath Spa students any questions they may have.

Gatsby Benchmarks: 3, 7

Choosing the right university and course

In this session, we'll show students how to effectively research and compare degrees. Also covered are the different factors that students may prioritise when choosing a university, and how to use Open Days to their advantage.

Gatsby Benchmarks: 3, 4, 7

Your UCAS journey and top tips for a discovery event

This session will outline the UCAS journey, including some brief guidance on choosing the right course/university, as well as the key deadlines. We explore how to make the most of a UCAS Discovery Event (or similar exhibition). This session can also be delivered to parents/carers, with tips on how to support their prospective student.

Gatsby Benchmark: 7

Personal statements

In this session, students will learn about the fundamentals of writing a personal statement, including top tips, the use of AI, and the structure of statements. It's an interactive session with activities to help them understand and develop their own personal statements.

Gatsby Benchmarks: 3, 7, 8

Understanding student finance and budgeting (45 minutes)

Students will learn about the types of funding available to them, the differences between tuition fees and maintenance loans, and repayments. We'll also cover how to apply for Student Finance and offer insights into budgeting.

Gatsby Benchmark: 7

Studying abroad in Higher Education

Students will learn what to expect when they choose to study for a semester abroad (Exchange Programme) and the benefits of undertaking this opportunity. They'll receive information on how to apply and learn about the support given by the University’s GoGlobal team. We'll also briefly cover the other international opportunities available at university.

Gatsby Benchmarks: 4, 7

Work placements in Higher Education

Students will learn what to expect from a Professional Placement Year (also know as a sandwich year or year in industry) and the benefits of undertaking one. They'll receive information on how to apply, as well as the support given by the University’s Careers team. We'll also briefly cover the other work experience possibilities available at university.

Gatsby Benchmarks: 4, 7

Speak to the team

If you'd like us to deliver a talk or workshop, please get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you. 


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