Guidance workshops – Bath Spa University

Help your students grow their talents in whichever area of study they choose.

Through discussions, group work, and games, we'll help engage your students and get them excited about higher education.

All we need to deliver these sessions is a computer and a classroom – we’ll bring everything else with us. Students will need to sit in groups around tables for the workshops, as they’ll be working together to complete the tasks set.

Each workshop is one hour long, but we may be able to adjust if this doesn't suit your timetable.

Guidance workshops

Aimed at sixth form and college students, our Ignite workshops are designed to inform your students about higher education and prepare them for the transition to university.

An introduction to Bath Spa University

Find out why being creative is our ethos and what that means. We’ll also let your students know about the courses, facilities, opportunities and support available to them if they choose to study with us.

How to choose the right university and course

Your students are facing a staggering array of courses and Higher Education options. While this means they have plenty of options, it can also be overwhelming. We’ll help them navigate the variety of courses and locations available, and get them started on the right foot. 

Preparing for Open Days

Higher Education Conventions and Open Days provide the information and advice students need, while allowing them to experience locations first-hand. This session offers handy hints and tips to enable your students to get the most out of the events they attend.

Planning your future

Thinking about the future can be scary when you’re still at school or college, but we want to change that. During this session, we'll encourage students to think about their goals and the steps they'll need to take in order to pursue their ambitions.

Student Q and A panel

Ask the experts on student life – students themselves! Current Bath Spa students will offer insights on surviving and thriving as a student, living independently for the first time, budgeting, student finance, effective study tips, and making the most of student life.

Understanding the UCAS application process

Track? Clearing? Conditional offer? What does it all mean?

This session is designed to help students understand the whole UCAS application process, and can be delivered as a workshop explaining how to apply. We can also support students as they fill out their applications.

Finances and budgeting

For many students, living away from home will mean managing money for the first time. We’ll explain the financial support available to your students and how to apply for it, and we'll offer advice on how to budget and manage money at university.

We can also support students as they fill out their finance applications.

How to write an effective personal statement

It's their chance to shine, but many students make simple mistakes that are easily avoided.

We'll begin with general writing tips, before focusing on what makes a good personal statement and what admissions tutors are looking for. We can also offer one-on-one workshops to help students draft their personal statements.

Time management

A week at university is nothing like an average week at school. During this workshop, we'll consider what time management is and is not, and recommend techniques to ensure students are using their time effectively at university.

Employability and Higher Education

Why choose university when there are other (paid) routes to take after school or college? We’ll talk about the long-term career benefits of higher education, why people choose to go to university, and what employers look for in graduates.

Student life – mastering your first year at university

Many students are anxious about the transition from school or college to university. How will they make friends and adjust to university life? Our top tips, from our own experiences, are designed to help students settle into university and make the most of their first year.

Supporter’s session – guiding a young person through the application process

This is an important and stressful time – not just for applicants – but their supporters such as parents, carers, friends, and extended family. We'll cover the application process, key dates and useful tips, to help anyone who's supporting a young person into higher education. 

Speak to the team

If you'd like us to deliver a virtual presentation or workshop, please get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!


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