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Due to Covid-19, we're sorry to announce that we will not be running any short courses or workshops for the foreseeable future.

Immerse yourself in creativity. Our art classes are a great way to build skills and try new things while you work or study. Held at our art and design campus in central Bath, our short courses are open to the public as well as Bath Spa students and staff.

"The teachers were committed, organised, dynamic, and prepared to meet the students halfway, or more so. They did this without making it easy, and emphasising the personal challenge."

Peter Reid, Photography Masterclass: Portrait Encounters

Past short courses

Clay Time: An Introduction to Ceramics

Experiment with an array of building and decorative processes on our ten-week evening class in ceramics.

Creating Your Business

Take your dream of setting up a business to the next level with this five-week evening class at Bath School of Art and Design.

Creative Screen Printing

Develop a screen printing project and learn the fundamental techniques of screen printing on this ten-week evening class in central Bath.

Introduction to Etching

Learn the techniques of traditional etching, including hard and soft grounds, aquatint, sugar-lift and spit-bite in this one day masterclass at our new Locksbrook campus.  

Introduction to Photo-Etching

Gain an introduction to the art of photo-etching and prepare your choice of digital photographs into multiple etching plates at our new Locksbrook campus.

Introduction to Relief Printing

Experiment with the techniques of relief printing, including lino, embossing, woodcut, and wood engraving on this one-day workshop.

Introduction to Watercolour Woodblock Printmaking

Design and create your own woodblocks and print your designs using translucent washes of watercolour and gouache.

InDesign evening class

A practical InDesign course culminating in a printed mock-up of your own magazine-style layout.

Letterpress for Beginners

Work with letterpress in a creative and experimental way to produce text-based prints using a range of wood and metal types.

Photo Time

Learn the basics of photography and gain an understanding of the elements that make up a good photograph on this five-week evening class.

Textile Embroidery, Print and Embellishment

Create your own unique designs using specialist techniques and embroidery machines on this two-day textiles workshop.

Traditional Screen Printing on Fabric

Learn the basics of screen printing and create your own designs on fabric with our ten-week evening class in Bath.

Weaving Colour and Pattern

Join us for a masterclass in weaving colour and pattern and learn from talented and experienced local weavers Angie Parker and Penny Wheeler.


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