Combined courses

Interested in more than one subject area? Many of our undergraduate programmes can be combined, so you don’t have to limit yourself to one subject if two interest you.

If you choose a Combined Award you’ll start by studying both subjects in equal depth, then from Year 2 onwards you can choose whether to follow a joint route or a Major / Minor route (depending on whether or not you want to concentrate more on one subject).

Which subjects can be combined?

Our prospectus lists which courses can be combined with each other. You can also filter our course listing to find subjects that can be combined.

If you’re looking at courses on our website, you’ll see they’ll be marked with one of the following:

  • Single honours
    These awards cannot be combined.
  • Single or combined honours
    You can combine these subjects with other subjects as part of a combined award. Alternatively if you’d like to study the subject by itself, you can do that instead.
  • Studied as part of a combined award
    These subjects have to be combined with another subject.
  • Combined honours
    Courses marked with ‘combined honours’ indicate that they are a combined course, made of two different subjects.
  • Available through the Creative Arts programme
    These subjects have to be combined with another subject from the Creative Arts programme.
  • Creative Arts programme combination
    Courses marked with ‘creative arts combination’ are routes within the Creative Arts programme.

Which modules can be taken?

The modules you'll take will depend on your course combination as well as any optional or open modules chosen. Please check the programme document (below the main image on the course page) for more information.

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