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Approach – Bath Spa University

Key to the TRACE approach is the practice of fieldwork - getting out into the real world to collaborate with communities, companies and creatives both in the UK and across the world.

We are proponents of AGILE research and use cutting-edge methodologies such as hackathons, jangos and crowd-sourced development. But we also believe in SLOW development and we support traditional approaches to research including observation, immersion, writing retreats, working papers, studio development, lab work and archival research.

Many of our projects involve unusual partnerships: children collaborating with professors, physicists with poets and world musicians with classical orchestras. We conduct our work in partnership with local community groups, cultural centres, social enterprises and festivals.

We address the theme of cross-border creation both through our practice and through the content of our work. Some of our projects explore work created by a solo-writers or producers which speaks to the themes of the centre whilst other projects seek to create communities for collaborative action and production.

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