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Objectives – Bath Spa University

TRACE labs, groups, meet-ups and studios are independently led by academic, artist or citizen researchers who work with members of the core research team to set their own goals and objectives.

All our projects share at least three of the following objectives.  

  • To develop a better understanding of the cultural conditions that enable creativity, cross border work and interdisciplinary collaboration.
  • To support production of outstanding artistic work for pleasure and for purpose, inspiring new thinking, enjoyment and social change.
  • To produce thought-provoking research about contemporary transcultural experience, engaging with and developing new philosophies and theories.
  • To share tools for intercultural communication, empathy, co-operative enterprise and transcultural creation.
  • To translate creative and critical research into practical know-how, processes and outputs.
  • To support new talent and train the next generation of ‘alt-academics’ who are capable of working across borders.
  • To work with social enterprises to harness and share the power of distributed research and open knowledge amongst transcultural creative communities
  • To showcase new work emerging from the centre and to highlight best practice in the field of transcultural creativity.

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