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Access Arrangements – Bath Spa University

Adapted rooms for students with a disability or medical condition.

Let us know your requirements

If your accommodation will require access arrangements, please make sure you let our Student Wellbeing Services know by filling in the Access Arrangements Form.

When you fill out your application for accommodation, you also need to tell us what your access arrangements will be. Please feel free to contact a Student Wellbeing Advisor if you need any help or have questions.

If you identify as disabled and/or neurodiverse; including dyslexia, dyspraxia, autism spectrum (ASC), mental ill-health, medical conditions and sensory or mobility impairments, we encourage you to complete the Academic Access Questionnaire. Responses are confidential and received by Student Wellbeing Services, so that they can start a conversation with you about any arrangements that might be useful when you arrive at University and your accommodation. 

Supporting medical evidence is needed to ensure we can provide you with the appropriate access arrangements you require, so please make sure you include this in your communications with Student Wellbeing Services. Their staff will work with you to assess the evidence provided, and then liaise with Accommodation staff to confirm the access arrangements are correct and suitable.

We have worked with AccessAble to produce accessibility guides for all of our buildings - you can access the guides on AccessAble.

Financial Support

If you need a specific type of accommodation due to your access arrangements, the University may consider adjusting the cost of your room in our University-managed halls of residence. For further information about this please contact the Student Wellbeing team.

All applications will be assessed on a case by case basis.

If your access arrangements will be more complex and involve carer support, you may require a social services assessment. If you are in receipt of DLA (Disability Living allowance) or PIP (Personal Independence Payment) it's possible this will continue while you're a student and you may be able to claim Universal Credit. Contact the Student Wellbeing team who can provide advice and guidance with this.


Fridge for medication

If you require a fridge in your accommodation to store your medication, you'll need to advise the University and provide supporting medical evidence. Please note that the University does not provide fridges to store medication. Funding for a personal fridge for medication purposes only, may be available through Disabled Students’ Allowances.

Alerting devices

If you have a hearing impairment and need alerting devices in your accommodation we have devices that you can use. To request this please make sure you inform us when completing your accommodation application. There are boxes you can tick and a text box to type into on the application form to let us know what you require. Please contact our team if you have any questions. Please note you'll need to provide supporting medical evidence to Student Wellbeing.  

Accommodation for carers

There can be accommodation available on the Newton Park Campus for students who have 24/7 carers. However, we'll need to discuss these specific access arrangements with you. To discuss this further please contact the Student Wellbeing team

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