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Bath Spa Empowers – Bath Spa University

Empowering the Global Majority

Bath Spa Empowers is 4-day personal development workshop designed for Students from African, Arab, Asian and Caribbean heritage at Bath Spa University.

Bath Spa University, in partnership with the Students' Union and the charity organisation Grit, with additional support from our Careers and Employability services team, continues to invest in its students and our vision of a welcoming an inclusive learning community where everybody is supported and encouraged to achieve their full potential.  

Our aim is to bring students together from across the University, creating a group of individuals with a shared understanding, a platform to explore and reflect on their cultural identity, and experience connection and belonging whilst building networks, resources, and relationships. 

As part of our wider programme work to provide an environment that respects and celebrates all members of our community, Bath Spa Empowers, a student leadership and empowerment programme which has run for several years at Bath Spa University, has created many successes. Graduates of the programme have found it helped them make the most of their university experience, and set them up for success beyond university life by equipping them with leadership and advocacy skills. 

Bath Spa Empowers Leadership Programme 2023

The next two-day workshop will be held on 20 and 21 November, 10-5pm at Newton Park, with two follow-up sessions on 18 January 2024 and 14 March 2024.

  • A 4-day student workshop designed to invest in all Bath Spa students who self-identify as African, Arab, Asian and Caribbean heritage.
  • An opportunity for you to become a resilient leader; building supportive mechanisms through which you can sustain your leadership journey at university and beyond.
  • A safe space to openly discuss, share and reflect on identity, and begin to identify your leadership skills and qualities.
  • Together, the workshops explore through a process of listening and sharing that has previously had students reporting powerful mindset shifts, increased confidence and amplified feelings of belonging and entitlement.

What is Grit?

Grit is a charity that works with universities, schools, and professionals. They believe that when you change your thinking, you can change your world. Their participatory workshops seek to support participants to challenge the way they think, and so improve the outcomes they can achieve. 

Their starting point is that you already have everything you need to be a thriving and contributing part of your community, and they'll work with you so that you can see that too. 

This is an exciting opportunity and is a training unlike any other. 

How to get involved or find out more

Sign up for an enrolment session taking place online on 9 and 13 November 2023.

Any questions? Email the Students' Union at

"It wasn’t until I’d done the Grit programme that I realised how much I’d been longing to belong"

University Student, 2023

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