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Expertise – Bath Spa University

We welcome postgraduate and consultancy enquiries in any area across our fields of expertise

CLEPP members hold a diverse range of skills and experience across the business and management spectrum, specifically within the areas of professional practice, policing, criminology and ethics, and change management. Below are a list of our members and their areas of expertise. 

Areas of interest

Criminology, policing and ethics

Professor Allyson MacVean

Allyson's scholarly interests are motivated by her previous role in the Serious and Organised Crime Directorate at the Home Office. She focuses specifically on intelligence, covert policing and ethics in operational practice.

Disability and inclusion

Mahmoud Emira

In addition to his main focus on leadership and management, Mahmoud's other research interests includ educational assessment, disability and inclusion and vocational education.

Mahmoud is interested in supervising students or providing consultancy in the field of educational leadership and management.

Knowledge management and regional economic development

Lu Liu

Lu's research interest includes integrating knowledge management activities into the management information systems for the SMEs and non-profit organisations; international new ventures and their post-entry performance; regional economic development in ethnic minority and less-developed areas; and business ethics.

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