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Bath Spa Observer – Bath Spa University

Bath Spa Observer

The Bath Spa Observer is a digital mapping platform that uses state of the art technology to capture environmental data for use in the classroom and beyond.

Project background

Bath Spa University campuses contain high quality environmental heritage, as well as archaeological and architectural treasures. For students, it is an open-air laboratory and provides a pivotal learning resource and source of inspiration. Similarly, it provides a place for personal reflection and restoration for students, staff and members of the public.

Throughout their education, students collect data as a part of their learning journey that can also provide an insight into the health of our environment. However, this information is rarely utilised beyond the classroom. In an era of research-led teaching, where digital technologies are an omnipresent feature of the modern classroom and our daily lives, this presents a great opportunity for a branch of citizen science known as community based monitoring.

Software and development

With funding from Bath Spa's College of Liberal Arts QR fund, Bath Spa University Observer (or BSUObserver) launched as a pilot in 2018. It is a digital mapping platform that compiles data collected by students, staff and members of the public alike across the University campuses. It does this using state of the art ArcGIS Online mapping, Python scripting and Google Docs.

This software facilitates student learning by supporting interaction with key vocational tools and provides a platform upon which to build citizen science initiatives. For students this will provide an enriched learning experience, and outlines a blueprint that other institutions may follow.

The platform

Access the Bath Spa Observer platform.

Project outputs

Conference presentations

Thornhill, I. (2018, April). 'BSU Observer: Making the most out of student, staff and public generate environmental data at Bath Spa University'. Oral presentation at the British Ecological Society Teaching and Learning ‘Advancing Synergies between Teaching and Research’ Symposium, University of Birmingham, UK.

How you can help

We need the help of students, staff and the local community to find out what bird species call our campuses home.

Your sightings will be collated by the Bath Spa Observer platform and shared with our grounds staff, helping us to learn what species are on site throughout the year and guiding our future estates work.

Read this blog post to find out how you can share your observations with us.

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