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Between Worlds – Bath Spa University

Abstract illumination. In Between Worlds 2, Bruce Munro recreates a forest incandescent with slanted beams of light.

The project

1st December 2014 - 31st January 2015

Developed exclusively for Bath Spa University, and inspired by the light streaming into Commons across the wooden panelling of the MediaWall, Bruce Munro's Between Worlds II was his first truly digital piece, an experiment in one artist's response to local stimuli, an experience shared by every visitor to Commons.

About the artist

A man wearing glasses and a blue jumper over his shoulders with outdoor background

British artist Bruce Munro is best known for immersive large-scale light-based installations inspired largely by his interest in shared human experience.

Bruce has been recording ideas and images in sketchbooks for over 30 years. By this means he has captured his responses to stimuli such as music, literature, science, and the world around him for reference, reflection, and subject matter. This tendency has been combined with a liking for components and an inventive urge for reuse, coupled with career training in manufacture of light. As a result Munro produces both monumental temporary experiential artworks as well as intimate story-pieces.

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