Summer Workfest 2020

Summer Workfest 2020

At the end of June the Careers and Employability team wrapped up two weeks of events and workshops designed to build our students' career and business skills.

Here's a round up of the feedback the team received from students. 

We hope you were able to attend some of the 24 events on offer during our Summer Workfest 2020, and that you gained some valuable insights from our team of careers advisors and external employers who kindly shared their experiences and expertise with us.

Here's a taste of what students have taken from attending Summer Workfest:

"I have so much confidence and hope for my future; something exceptionally important in this unprecedented time"

"I have more focus on what to do now moving forward"

"Gained new knowledge and confidence in networking"

"More clarity as to where to start and how to start!"

"I have been made aware of the support that is available"

"It has inspired me to think about what I enjoy and how this could be applied."

Workfest video series

We created a new series of animated resources for Workfest which you can now access via our Careers and Employability YouTube playlist.

You'll find short and engaging animations on a range of topics including How to Write a CV, Digital Internships, Business Planning, Postgraduate Study and more!

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