Campus biodiversity

Campus biodiversity

Campus biodiversity

For science students at Bath Spa University, the biodiversity of our Newton Park campus provides the perfect learning environment.

Imagine having a natural laboratory right on your doorstep, with opportunities to observe and study wildlife such as bats, badgers, ancient oaks and bee orchids.

If you study one of our life or environmental science degrees at Bath Spa University, you won’t have to imagine – as our parkland campus at Newton Park offers all this and more.

You’ll be able to take advantage of our grasslands, lakes, woods and surrounding farmland, all of which provide homes to a huge variety of flora and fauna.

Take a walk around the campus and you’ll see all sorts of flowers, shrubs and trees, some that are centuries old. You’ll likely encounter swans, ducks, herons and cormorants, and maybe even barn owls and foxes.

The rich biodiversity on campus is no accident, but is due to management by our Estates team who work hard to ensure the balance between human activity and wildlife habitats is carefully maintained. This work includes providing bat and bird boxes, “rewilding” grass and scrub to encourage wildflower growth, green roofs on some buildings and a tree management policy that allows older, declining specimens to remain standing so that they can support fungi and insects.

In addition to your studies, life on campus offers plenty of opportunities for you to learn more and help with our conservation efforts. Bat walks, great crested newt surveys and tree and bulb planting are just some of the extracurricular activities you might get involved with.

All this makes for a great learning environment for students on our Biology, Geography and Environmental Science courses.

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Sustainability initiatives

To find out more about how our grounds are managed, and to read our policies on sustainability and the environment, take a look at our Sustainability pages

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