A student's guide to applying to university

A student's guide to applying to university

A student's guide to applying to university

Student, Georgia Stride, tells us about her experience of applying to university and shares some top tips.

Profile photoApplying for university is a very personal decision and it can seem overwhelming. There are so many institutions to choose from and you’ve somehow got to narrow that down to five! However, fear not, as I’ve put together a handy video that provides you with some tips on applying to university.

I also wanted to share a bit about my own experience of applying to University which will give you a bit of background to why I chose some of my five top tips.

Choose what's right for you

Whilst I applied through UCAS, choosing up to five institutions, I also applied independently to a music and acting school in London. I was encouraged to apply by family and friends, even though I wasn’t sure about it! I decided to go for it, went for an audition and got an offer.

I now had a tricky decision to make. I had my heart set on Bath Spa University as I felt it was the right fit for me (more on that in my video!) but I also felt pressured into going to a Russell Group University. Not through family and friends - they wanted me to go where I was happy! But I went to a traditional girls school where they constantly drilled into us the importance of going to a Russell Group University. So I also applied to some other institutions like the University of Bristol, but deep down I knew it wasn’t right for me. I needed a place with more creativity, with a smaller community, and preferably campus based.

"I promise you it all works out in the end, and if you do one thing, make sure it’s this: choose the university because it is right for you, not anyone else."

Pick a subject you really love

My decision therefore lay between Bath Spa University and The Guildhall School of Music and Drama. It was a very tough decision, however, after a lot of thinking and conversations with my parents, I decided that as much as I love performing, I love writing that little bit more, and I also wanted a fuller university experience. I therefore chose to accept Bath Spa University’s offer and I have no regrets!

"Who could say where my life would have taken me had I gone to London, but what I do know is that I’m happier than ever, and Bath Spa University helped shape who I am today."

Good luck with your applications and whichever university you choose!

Georgia Stride, BA (Hons) Creative Writing and English Literature graduate and MA Creative Writing student.

If you need any information about applying to university head over to our how to apply pages.

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