Emerging ambitions

EMERGE media resident Freya McIvor explores the hopes of the programme's first residents.

Bringing together creative Bath Spa graduates, EMERGE residents work across a range of practices including art, design, performance music and media. Although we’re yet to use the physical space provided by the programme, we’ve been getting to know each other virtually and there’s already a strong sense of community. That’s one of the things that initially attracted me to be a part of EMERGE – as a copywriter and content creator, I'm excited to meet other creative specialists and collaborate with them on innovative projects for my clients.

I caught up with some other residents to find out what aspect of EMERGE they’re looking forward to.

Jonathan Eldridge, an environmental writer, said "what excites me most about being part of EMERGE is the prospect of my ideas changing, evolving and new ones forming. I get energised when I have conversations with other residents, and they make me view things differently."

Mateja Perosa, a textiles designer and dressmaker, told me that she can’t wait to work alongside individuals who understand the challenges of starting out in a creative practice after studying. She’s also grateful for the support and expertise provided by the EMERGE mentors, and it works both ways.

Creative technologist and digital artist Dave Webb is a media mentor at EMERGE. For Dave, it's a "privilege to be among such talented and varied people. Some of the most exciting work comes from working with people outside your own discipline, where you do not know quite what to expect of each other, and you generate new ideas that you most likely would not find separately."

Now more than ever, after months on end of working alone, interaction with others is going to be welcomed with open arms.

When I asked residents what they’re most looking forward to, collaboration and community were recurring themes. Whether it’s fine art, photography or writing, some of our practices may be solitary in nature, but that doesn’t mean we don’t require the input of others. Many of our best ideas can be ignited by conversations and we can’t make improvements to our work without constructive feedback.

With that in mind, we can’t wait to – quite literally – emerge out of lockdown and start working alongside each other!

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