Vice-Chancellor's Awards Winners 2022

Vice-Chancellor's Awards Winners 2022

Vice-Chancellor's Awards Winners 2022

Celebrating the achievements of Bath Spa staff and students

Staff and students from across the Bath Spa community recently gathered to celebrate the year’s achievements in the first in-person Vice-Chancellor’s (VC) Awards in three years. The ceremony was live streamed for online viewers on YouTube, with the Vice Chancellor Sue Rigby and Students’ Union President Marianne Evans on hand to congratulate the winners and distribute the awards.

This annual celebration recognises the outstanding contributions made by teams and individuals across the University with certificates, prizes and University-wide applause. This year’s Awards marked the introduction of a new award recognising Social Impact at the University and an award for the Unsung Hero/Heroine of the Year for staff;chosen by public vote. Winners received certificates, applause and a specially commissioned image of Bath and Bath Spa campuses illustrated by Bath Spa Graduate Rosie Yates.

Huge thanks to the fantastic Catering team for the delicious canapés, as well as all the staff involved in making our first in-person VC Awards such a success. Congratulations to all our winners and nominees!

Full list of VC Award Winners - Staff

  • Colleague of the Year: Academic - Jen Kinloch
  • Colleague of the Year: Professional Services - Ruth Wheeler and Sean Taylor

"I was honoured to be nominated by my colleagues. As a team, we’ve had a challenging year requiring many of us to step up to ensure a successful year for our students. We’ve managed this successfully because we have worked as a team, and my part in this would not have been possible without that collaboration and support. I’d like to thank my colleagues for their hard work and willingness to help out!"
Jennifer Kinloch (Colleague of the Year)

  • Manager of the Year: Academic - Samantha Lane
  • Manager of the Year: Professional Services - John Evered

"It was an absolute honour to receive nominations, so to win... wow! Too often I am overly critical of myself, spending too much time in self-doubt, so this is a massively appreciated morale-boost. I try my hardest to contribute to the success of Bath Spa and to know this is recognised means more than I can express. Thank you so much!"
Sean Taylor (Colleague of the Year)

  • Team of the Year: Academic - Film and TV
  • Team of the Year: Professional Services - Facilities and Services and Library and Learning Services

"It's a delight to be recognised in this way. I know the whole team works so hard, and what has kept us going this year is the support we gain from each other, along with the knowledge that we help students and staff with their work and studies. But hearing the nomination comments has been a real fillip as it shows the support we have beyond our immediate colleagues. Thank you Bath Spa!"
Library and Learning Services (Team of the Year)

  • Social Impact - Ben Simmons (new award for 2022)

"This is the first time that I've been nominated for an award and I was surprised and delighted to win! THANK YOU to the colleague who nominated me, and to the judging panel. It's lovely to be recognised by peers. I also want to give a high five to the disability research collective ('We Are The People') who work with me to create social impact in the region."
Ben Simmons (Social Impact)

  • Unsung Hero/Heroine: Academic - Samantha Lane
  • Unsung Hero/Heroine: Professional Services - Madeleine Carter
  • Lecturer of the Year - Joanna de Vries

"To win is such an honour. My position as Shop Manager is my passion and not just a job - it is a vocation! I have the support of The Dream Team (also known as the Students’ Union!) and I could not have been successful if it hadn't been for them. Thank you to everyone in the past 30 years, especially the students for all the love they have given me. I feel very humble and extremely grateful. Thank you all."
Ruth Wheeler (Colleague of the Year)

  • Supervisor of the Year - Roger Apfelbaum
  • Outstanding Support - Lucy Sweetman
  • Student Champion of the Year - Caroline Dangerfield

Full list of VC Award Winners - Students

  • Academic Impact - Sapphire Henriksen
  • Impact on Student Life - Isabela Perez De Morales Monne and Victoria Norcross
  • Community Impact - Dejea Lyons
  • Team of the Year - Bath Spa Dance Club

Student of the Year:

  • Bath School of Design - Sophie Ogbourne
  • Bath School of Art, Film and Media - Amber Wisteria

"To hear what those who put me forward for Student of the Year had to say was really heartwarming. I didn't realise my work had such an impact on those around me. I live by the motto of paying it forward, so any moment I had spare during my final year here at Bath Spa University I wanted to dedicate it to the students after me, to make sure that they have just as great of an experience here at Bath Spa."
Amber Wisteria (Student of the Year, School of Art, Film and Media)

  • Bath School of Music and Performing Arts - Joolz Thornton
  • School of School of Sciences - Harry Watts
  • School of Education - Carys Challenger

"It was an honour to receive the Student of the Year Award. I’m extremely grateful to my tutors and fellow students for their continuous support and encouragement. Despite its challenges, completing the PGCE course has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have had in my life. I am looking forward to pursuing my teaching career and taking all of the valuable experiences and new skills with me."
Carys Challenger (Student of the Year, School of Education)

  • School of Writing, Publishing and the Humanities - Megan Martin
  • Bath Business School - Emma Smith

Academic Achievement:

  • Bath School of Design - Alic Parkes
  • Bath School of Art, Film and Media - Lily Horner
  • Bath School of Music and Performing Arts - Eleanor Frank
  • School of Sciences - Jessica Hart

"Studying Criminology has truly challenged my critical thinking and personal perspectives - it has been wonderful and enlightening. The support from subject staff and my dissertation supervisor has been impeccable! Although surprised at first it feels amazing to have my hard work and dedication, as well as love for the subject, recognised in this award. Thank you for an enriching 3 years."
Jessica Hart (Academic Achievement, School of Sciences)

  • School of Education - Rebecca Crowther
  • School of Writing, Publishing and the Humanities - Sophie Griffith
  • Bath Business School - Georgia Price

"I was stunned and surprised to win the award. However, I am also honoured and grateful to be recognised for the effort I have put towards the final year of my degree. I would like to thank Alison Hems for her support and guidance. She, alongside the History department, helped me gain confidence in my work, pushed me to achieve my very best. I am truly grateful."
Sophie Griffith (Academic Achievement, School of Writing, Publishing and the Humanities)

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