Parsley's Peril

Parsley's Peril

Parsley's Peril

Parsley the hedgehog recently found himself in a bit of trouble on our netball court at Newton Park. Sustainability Coordinator Emma Jakins explains how we've helped him – and other hedgehogs like him – stay safe on campus.

In our efforts to become a Hedgehog Friendly University, the nets around the netball court at Newton Park were raised to allow hedgehogs and other wildlife to pass under them unscathed. However, over time, due to their exposure to the elements, the nets began to sag and, in some places, drooped below the safety line, where Parsley then got tangled.

Luckily, a member of the Grounds Team spotted Parsley’s peril and swiftly freed him. To ensure Parsley was okay, he was sent to hedgehog hospital, where he stayed a while to ensure he was a healthy and happy hog. Once the 'hog-spital' was happy that Parsley had put on enough weight to sustain himself as he prepared to go into hibernation, he was ready to head back to Bath Spa.

Parsley was released back on to the Newton Park campus in September and is settling back into habitat. He had a 'holiday cottage' set up to help him settle back in but is now off exploring the campus again. To make sure Parsley stays safe, we're exploring long term net fixes to ensure our nets don't sag in the future. We also ensure any hedgehog hazard areas are checked regularly, even if we have put measures in place to keep them safe.

Bath Spa University is a Hedgehog Friendly Campus. We currently hold the silver award, but we're going for gold!

There are lots of things you can do to help hedgehogs like Parsley:

  • Stick to 15mph on the drive and keep your eyes out for hogs crossing the road
  • Put your litter in the correct bins, including chewing gum in our Gumdrop points
  • If you're using any equipment with nets (e.g. the football goals) make sure you raise them up

There are also lots of ways you can help hedgehogs at home. For more information, head to the British Hedgehog Preservation Society website.

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