Pride at Bath Spa

“Being a part of a university community that cares about queer students is so important.” Student Alexandria Scott-Warren reflects on this year’s Bath Spa Pride and why Pride matters.

On 29 April, Bath Spa University celebrated Pride. Pride at Bath Spa is a great, day-long celebration where students can celebrate their queerness and support the queer community.

Planning Pride

Prior to the event, an open committee was set up so students could suggest and discuss what they wanted their Pride to look like. It was amazing to see students get directly involved in the organisation of the event and want to be a part of the fun on the actual day.

As a committee, it was really important for us to pick a charity that was trans-specific this year due to the current climate around trans rights. We also wanted to pick a local charity that would benefit Bath Spa’s queer students. The charities chosen were Mermaids and Intercom Trust.

This decision was pushed by the Sabbatical officers and supported holistically by the Students' Union (SU). It was touching to see students’ voices heard and actioned on such an important matter.

“Creating an environment where queer students can be unapologetically themselves and be proud of their identity will always be sacred.”

Getting involved in Pride

We were incredibly grateful for Bath Spa’s societies and clubs getting involved, with both the Titans Dance Club and Rapids Dance and Cheerleading society performing stellar numbers from their competitive and social teams.

The Amnesty society, Women’s society and the Uniboob team were on hand to spread activism and gave out tattoos and glitter. In addition, our Knitting and Crochet society put together an amazing Pride flag!

Why Pride matters

Seeing so many students get involved, whether they were there to celebrate themselves, a friend or the queer community, in general was wonderful. Creating an environment where queer students can be unapologetically themselves, sip on delicious rainbow cocktails courtesy of the Cocktail society and be proud of their identity, will always be sacred.

Being a part of a university community that cares about queer students; their health, their wellbeing and their rights, is so important. Seeing Pride come to fruition, from a small committee of students and staff to the SU bar being packed all day with smiling faces, highlights why we need Pride and why queer students should always be proud of themselves and their queerness.

Find out more about how Bath Spa University is getting involved with celebrating Pride this year.

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