Bath Spa Books: Springing forward

Bath Spa Books: Springing Forward

Winter is finally over, which means green leaves and budding flowers, cute baby animals, warmer weather (hopefully!) and opportunities to enjoy some sunshine and a good book. And as usual, we’ve got loads of new books from our students, staff and alumni springing up all over the place! 

Here are the latest books from our community that have made us #BathSpaProud: 

And How Does That Make You Feel?: Everything You (N)ever Wanted to Know about Therapy – Joshua Fletcher (aka ‘Anxiety Josh’), BA Education Studies 

Psychotherapist Josh Fletcher takes us on a candid and human journey into the individual sessions of four patients - Levi, Zahra, Noah and Daphne - sharing their self-discovery and recovery as they engage in therapy for the first time. And he lets us into the inner thoughts of a therapist, from shock and sympathy while in session, to how it feels to run into a former client on a messy night out. 

Cover image of How Does That Make You Feel


Mum about Town’s Separation Survival Guide: How to Push the Reset Button – Daisy Harris-Reid, BA Acting 

Daisy's 'Separation survival guide' makes the difficult path of rediscovering your sense of self that little bit easier. Through her own lived experience, she encourages mums to reconnect with themselves following a separation, ultimately finding the 'very best' version of themselves. 

Cover image of Mum About Town


Bothy: In Search of Simple Shelter – Kat Hill, MA Environmental Humanities  

Leading us on a gorgeous journey around the UK, Kat reveals the history of these wild mountain shelters and the people who visit them. With an historian’s insight and a rambler’s imagination, Kat lends fresh consideration to the concepts of nature, wilderness and escape. 

Cover image of Bothy


My Heart is in Venice – Helga Jensen, MA Creative Writing 

Venice was where it all began. Libby and Will spent a glorious honeymoon in this magical city. They didn’t have much money, but they had a whole lot of love and a bright future ahead of them.  

And Venice was where it all went wrong… 

Cover image of My Heart is in Venice


Manson’s Bristol Miscellany, Vol 2 – Michael Manson, MA Creative Writing 

How much do you know about the history of Bristol? Why does it look the way it does? What secrets do its streets hide? What stories would its buildings tell if they had a voice? A curated dive into Bristol’s best kept secrets. 

Cover image of Bristol Miscellany Volume 2


The Ice Maiden – Lucy English, Professor of Creative Enterprise and The Spoken Word 

A story of two women who break the rules. The first is a Bronze Age princess whose remains were found preserved in the permafrost in the Altai Mountains. The second is Claire Perry, an education officer at the City Museum. When Claire is sent to Novosibirsk to catalogue artefacts for a forthcoming exhibition on shamanic art, she begins to believe that the Ice Maiden has requested her to undertake an impossible task. 

Cover image of The Ice Maiden


My Name Was Eden – Eleanor Barker-White, MA Creative Writing 

When her daughter Eden came home from the hospital, Lucy was profoundly relieved. Eden had survived a drowning incident and had no apparent brain damage, no serious injuries, not even a scratch on her. Lucy fervently welcomed having a second chance at being the good mother she should have been before her teenager’s accident... 

Cover image of My Name Was Eden


Young Elizabeth: Princess. Prisoner. Queen – Nicola Tallis, BA (Hons) History 

An extensive and thorough study of an exceptionally resilient youngster whose early life would shape the queen she later became. The heart racing story of Elizabeth’s youth as she steered her way through perilous waters towards England’s throne is one of the most sensational of its time. 

Cover image of Young Elizabeth


Do you have a story to tell? Our Creative Writing courses can help you find your voice and take your writing to the next level. 

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