Reasons to study science

Five reasons to study science at BSU

There are so many reasons to study Science at Bath Spa University. From diving into the planet’s most pressing environmental issues and developing ways to protect our precious natural world to equipping yourself for employment post-university, our School of Sciences has something for everyone.  

As the largest Bath-based School at BSU, the School of Sciences has 1,300 undergraduate students and offers 15 single honours BSc courses, spanning the social, natural and life sciences. While the school’s combined awards offer students the opportunity to study the core components of two different and equally compelling subjects.   

To mark the end of British Science Week, second year Environmental Science student, Thalia Anderson shares her top five reasons to study Science at BSU.  

  1. BSU provides the perfect environment for a living lab. Lakes, a brook, wildflower grasslands, and a landslide allow for analysis and testing alongside projects, creating a deep understanding of the different natural processes occurring on campus. The expertise of the lecturers furthers the inspiration and knowledge of this environment, and the University’s labs enable further research.  
  2. Studying science at BSU offers opportunities for field trips, abroad and in the UK. These trips give insight into how the issues we study affect people and environments. Trips to countries such as Italy and Barcelona inform practical research into climate change, disasters, and air and water pollution. The skills and experience picked up can be used in many other areas around the world in future careers.
  3. Due to smaller class sizes, closer relationships can be made with the lecturers. It also allows classmates to become closer, especially as there are often crossovers between courses, providing a friendly environment to learn. Due to the class sizes, discussions, debates, and teaching, which are all highly encouraged in group seminars, feel comfortable and supportive.
  4. The science department is full of enthusiastic, knowledgeable lecturers with many specialties. They’re always open to answering any questions, offer the utmost support and their lectures are informative, engaging, and accessible. Even when a subject is harder to understand, they take the time to explain until you’re comfortable with the topic.   
  5. Studying science at BSU encourages students to explore their passions and interests through independent research. The lecturers advise research and provide the space to undertake testing and analysis within labs and around the University. Whatever your path, the lecturers enable connections with potential employers or the experience to expand your CV, pushing you towards your full potential.  

Interested in exploring the world of science at Bath Spa University? Take a look at our courses in the School of Sciences.   

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