Heard of Lady Whistledown? How about Lady Rebecca.

BA Creative Writing first-year student Rebecca Phillips shows us what it’s like to study at Bath Spa University: Bridgerton-style.

A Member of the Ton

Dear All,

I am Lady Rebecca, and I shall update you on the latest news regarding the upcoming season. Have you received your letter from Lady Whistledown? Your invitation to Season 3? If not, please check your mail. It would be most unwise to miss out on the latest scandal and of course, the romance we’ve all been burning for!

We all love Bath Spa University, walking along the lake and spectacular views of the tower and castle. It is one of the main reasons we chose to study here. Golden stone and relaxing nature immerse us in our imagination with this experience continues into the city centre. Bath has a certain charm to it, don’t you think? Its history, cobbled streets and intricate buildings make it a splendid place to generate creativity. It is the perfect regency experience.

Many students are inspired by the landscapes and use them to complement their artistic skills and creativity by using them for film sets, photography, creative writing and many more subject areas.

“As a Creative Writing student, I have been captivated by the beauty and darkness in nature inspiring me to write a gothic romance story. Beyond our studies, once the sunshine hits friends can rest in nature, have regency picnics and this unites all students.”

And of course, Penelope and Colin’s love is now at the heart of Bath! Many locations are connected to their story as well as previous Bridgerton romances that we all visit as part of our university experience.

An exterior of a house in the Royal Crescent. In front of the building are actors dressed in regency clothing and riding horses.

Picture provided by Stonehenge Travel

We shall begin our journey at the No 1. Royal Crescent: the Featherington home where its exterior was used in filming. It is a beautiful Georgian townhouse museum, giving its visitors an insight into what life was like. They have an exquisite gift shop dedicated to the Regency Era and Bridgerton, of course!

The Royal Crescent is used to represent the Mayfair area in London and is a wonderful place to promenade, including Victoria Park with its breathtaking views. Students also gather there for picnics and for a moment of tranquillity amongst university life.

The exterior of the Holburne Museum. In front of the museum are actors dressed in regency clothing.

Picture provided by The Holburne Museum

The Holburne Museum, used as Lady Danbury’s residence, is also making an appearance and is known as one of the UK’s leading independent museums. It has a cultural partnership with Bath Spa University, meaning students can see their magnificent art collection and even collaborate on events and exhibitions.

Around the corner is Edward Street, the newest location for Season 3 with filming outside ‘Duke’s Hotel’ and Great Pultney Street. I’m sure this will certainly provide Bath visitors even more reason to stop by.

Other Bridgerton locations from previous seasons include The Assembly Rooms, Bath Street and The Abbey Green, home to ‘The Abbey Deli’, which was used as Madame Delacour’s dress shop predominantly in Season 1. For all fans, it is ideal to visit, with Bridgerton themed decoration, cups of tea and a slice of cake. More places that contribute to the regency experience include many tea rooms, independent cafes and hotels like The Royal Crescent Hotel where I recently enjoyed afternoon tea. The Jane Austen Centre is also a wonderful attraction where you could be lucky to meet Mr Darcy!

A student stands smiling in regency dress linking arms with a mannequin dressed in regency clothing

The Students Union at Bath Spa University also host some great events like the Winter Ball, organised by The Cocktail Society. There are many societies that students can join and gain new skills. The English Literature society held a Great Gatsby event last year which was incredible, and you can join a sports society like Equestrian and Polo and imagine yourself as one of the Bridgerton characters.

Two students stand smiling wearing formal dresses

Now, students have been waiting anxiously for the Spring and Summer balls, in the hope of securing a potential partner! Season 3 of Bridgerton is coming, and we are all excited to be out in society!

Three students in regency dress sit around a table looking shocked at a letter.

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