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Work with our Students and Graduates – Bath Spa University

Work with our students and graduates

The Careers and Employability team is here to help connect you with our motivated and enthusiastic students.

Whether you want to advertise a graduate scheme, support student development, recruit for an internship or raise your organisation's profile among the next generation of job seekers, we offer a wide variety of opportunities to get you in front of our students and graduates.

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Engage with our students

The Careers and Employability team offer employers a number of ways to engage with students through our Explore, Experience, Progress programme.

Engaging with our student community can help to raise the profile of your organisation or industry, through a number of digital and face-to-face events.

What we offer

Employer in the Foyer

An Employer in the Foyer session places a stand for your organisation in our highest footfall location at either our Newton Park or Locksbrook Campus where you can freely engage in ad-hoc conversations with our student body. This opportunity allows you to raise the profile of your organisation, its brand and values with those you're looking to recruit.

Placements and internships

Placements and internships are valuable opportunities for employers and students to mutually benefit from a period of work experience. Perhaps you have a project that has been on your 'to do' list for a while, or you could benefit from a student bringing fresh ideas to your business.

We can advertise opportunities through our MyCareer job portal, which is free to use, and also have a number of funded initiatives available through Bath Spa Works throughout the year.

To find out more, contact us at

Curriculum engagement

Our students and academics really value industry engagement in the curriculum. Help us shape the curriculum and start a conversation with talented future graduates.

For example, employers could input into the design of a module, co-deliver a lecture, give CV and assessment advice, or give feedback on students' dissertations.


Mentoring provides an opportunity for both the mentor and mentee to gain new skills and learn from others and can be a great conduit to helping the mentee end up working in a similar industry to the mentor.

If you or any members of your organisation would be interested in mentoring a Bath Spa student, please get in touch with

Experiential learning projects

Do you have an idea for a project or immersive problem that you would benefit from collaborative student minds working together to solve?

Working with the Careers and Employability team, we can find the right cohort of students to assist with a real life scenario that helps to raise awareness of your industry and gives a real flavour of what it would be like to work on projects such as these in your organisation.

Application tips

Our students are always asking for sessions on CVs, cover letters and application forms. These sessions are designed to help students with this very subject but are targeted depending on the industry in which you work. They're also co-delivered with a member of our careers coaching team.

Advertise a vacancy

Register on our MyCareer portal, upload the details of your vacancy, and we'll do the rest, including letting you know what times of the year are best for working with our students.

This is a free service for employers, and your vacancies will be accessible to all of our students and graduates, maximising your opportunity to attract the most talented individuals.

Contact us

If you'd like further information on any of the above opportunities please contact

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