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Skills Bootcamp in Creative Computing: UI/UX Design

Short course

    Want to retrain for a career in web or app design and development? Our Skills Bootcamp in Creative Computing gives you the skills you need.

    During this 12-week free online short course, you'll get the skills needed to get a job in tech industries and creative computing. You'll learn how to use digital technology to aid the development of applications and product management in arts, entertainment, games, mobile applications, multimedia, and user interface (UI)/user experience (UX) design. You'll also learn the fundamentals of web development.

    You must be aged 19+ and live in the South West region to apply. We only accept applications from students who haven't completed a government funded Skills Bootcamp in the last 12 months.

    Our current Skills Bootcamps in Creative Computing: UI/UX Design are full and we're no longer accepting applications at this time. Please register your interest to be notified of any upcoming Skills Bootcamps.

    "The highlight of the Skills Bootcamp for me was meeting others and getting to know them while working through problems together. The course gave me a good idea of what to expect in regard to common industry processes and practices that are used in my new job."

    Ollie Wilkes, Junior Developer, Skills Bootcamp in Creative Computing
    Ollie Wilkes sat at his desk smiling at the camera

    What you'll learn

    Course overview

    You’ll develop skills to embark on a career within the creative industries including learning about:

    • The principles of User Interface (UI)/ User Experience (UX) design
    • App and web development
    • Project management
    • Presenting and pitching
    • Employability skills

    While focusing on the above, you'll work on group and individual projects. You'll produce a portfolio of prototypes to demonstrate to employers your practical skills in creative computing gained in the 12 weeks.

    Course structure

    You'll learn about:

    • An introduction to design thinking
    • Agile project management techniques, such as sprint methodology
    • Ideation and creative problem solving
    • Digital identity and storytelling
    • Coding tools for web development and app development
    • User experience (UX) design
    • How to use prototyping tools
    • Personal and professional skills, including presentations and pitching
    • Employment support including techniques for job applications and mock interviews.

    Tuesday sessions will be drop-in support and project sessions, and Thursday will focus on web development each week. 

    From week seven onwards students will be supported in developing skills which are applicable for the working environment. This includes skills in building confidence and communication in preparation for employment.

    Throughout these six sessions, students will explore CV construction, LinkedIn presence, employability skills and interview techniques. They'll also explore topics surrounding freelancing and enterprise. These will be explored through collaborative group exercises and individual tasks which will be reviewed, with feedback being provided to students.

    During week six or seven you'll receive a mock interview from a member of staff at Bath Spa University in order to increase your confidence in an interview setting and practise your techniques.

    What job-specific skills will I learn?

    Upon completion of this Skills Bootcamp, you'll be able to:

    • Apply computing to creativity in spheres such as the arts, entertainment and games, mobile applications, multimedia, web design and other interactive systems
    • Demonstrate experience of project work and application of creative computing to solving creative industry challenges or requirements
    • Understand practices of digital identity and storytelling with the use of images and motion
    • Apply concepts to web and app experience design
    • Write compelling job applications, get an interview and recognise different interview styles
    • Demonstrate improvement in personal or soft skills through individual and group exercise work
    • Achieve an employment outcome in a creative field such as a junior UI/UX designer or junior web developer.
    How will I be taught?

    You'll be taught by highly experienced lecturers and also benefit from guest speakers, group exercises, and online learning to ensure that you can fit the course around your other commitments.

    In addition to classroom-based learning, you'll also be provided with opportunities for these skills to be practiced and displayed throughout. All teaching is online. You'll create a solution to a design brief and present this to a panel of experts in your final week.

    It's necessary to attend every session over the 12 weeks in order to get the most out of the qualification. 

    You'll have the opportunity to attend networking events, employer talks and in-person workshops, which may fall outside of teaching hours, depending on availability.

    It's important to note that you're expected to spend a number of hours outside of teaching on independent study to support your learning. Your lecturers will support you with reading activities to do during your independent study.

    How will my progress be reviewed?

    Throughout your Skills Bootcamp journey your progress will be reviewed. This concludes in the creation and delivery of a course project, where you’ll have the opportunity to showcase the skills you've learned.

    What jobs will I be able to apply for?

    Students that have completed our Skills Bootcamp in Creative Computing have secured roles as:

    • Software Developers
    • Junior UX Designers
    • Games User Testers
    • Content Creators
    Employer involvement

    Unite Students

    Unite Students are collaborating with Bath Spa University to upskill the next generation of UX/UI designers. We hope to show the students how a user experience team works in-house as well as provide insider tips on interviews. We'll be running UX workshops and offering students interviews.


    Modular is a small Digital Delivery Team. We’re here to help with the ongoing thinking, planning, doing and fixing needed not only to create a powerful online service but to sustain and nourish it for years to come. Underpinning all of our work is human centred design. We're passionate about helping others build upon their skills and embracing new work experiences. Sharing and supporting others is a big thing for us.

    We're thrilled to be invited to support the Skills Bootcamp in Creative Computing and share some insights into what working for a small agency looks like, along with some guidance on interviews and providing a wider view of the sector.

    Transform Digital

    Transform Digital is a design and digital marketing consultancy with creativity at our core. We believe that digital marketing is more than just looking good. It’s about voicing who you are, what you do, and why you do it: through branding, design, photography, videography and high-performing SEO, PPC and social campaigns. 

    We’re looking forward to hosting webinars on designing for accessibility, website design and build and SEO, as well as running student interviews. And we’re even more excited to meet the next generation of digital designers and marketers.

    “Our tutors were very responsive to messages outside of teaching and made it clear that additional support was available if we needed it. I'm so grateful for the experience and will recommend this Skills Bootcamp to others.”

    Nicola P, Student, Skills Bootcamp in Creative Computing

    Interested in applying?

    What we look for

    You should have aspirations for a career in the creative industries using digital technology. You may be interested in web design, UX/UI design, agile project management and/or app development. While some previous knowledge is desirable, the most important factor is a positive mindset, desire and commitment. 

    Eligibility requirements

    You must:

    • Be aged 19+
    • Have the right to live and work in the UK
    • Agree to provide mandatory personal data and supplementary information on your employment outcomes for up to eight months following completion of the Skills Bootcamp
    • Be looking for a new job role related to creative computing/web development/ UX and UI design, or increased responsibility/promotion to a different role that utilises the skills acquired through this short course
    • Live in the South West region (includes Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Bristol, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Dorset)
    • Not have completed a Skills Bootcamp funded by the Department for Education (DfE) in the last 12 months

    Our Skills Bootcamp in Creative Computing is funded by the Department for Education (DfE), and therefore is free. We only accept applications from students who haven't completed a government funded Skills Bootcamp in the last 12 months.

    If you're being sent for training by your employer, your employer will need to pay up to 30% of the total fees depending on the size of the company. If this is the case, please contact us at for more details.

    Dates and times

    Our current Skills Bootcamps in Creative Computing: UI/UX Design are full and we're no longer accepting applications at this time. Please register your interest to be notified of any upcoming Skills Bootcamps.

    How to apply

    Our current Skills Bootcamps in Creative Computing: UI/UX Design are full and we're no longer accepting applications at this time. Please register your interest to be notified of any upcoming Skills Bootcamps.

    “The Skills Bootcamp was hard work and stretched me at times, particularly the coding, but I got such a sense of achievement when it went right.”

    Jo Woodward, Student, Skills Bootcamp in Creative Computing
    Joanna Woodward's profile photo. She is smiling at the camera.

    What happens after completing a Skills Bootcamp?

    Employability support

    You'll receive six months of employability support after completing a Skills Bootcamp. This includes your lecturers signposting you to networking events and job vacancies. You'll also receive a quarterly newsletter with the latest training opportunities, jobs fairs and tech events.

    Employment outcomes

    As our Skills Bootcamps are fully funded by the Department for Education, there is an expectation from the DfE that you'll keep in touch with us to let us know about any interviews or job offers you receive after completing the short course. We'll provide you with a short form that you must get your new employer to fill out in order for us to provide evidence to the DfE.

    Contact us

    If you have any queries please contact

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    Read the privacy notice about signing up for these Skills Bootcamps, including how and why your personal data will be collected, and what it will be used for.

    Read the privacy notice Q and A.

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