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Nutrition Alice Haley – Bath Spa University

Nurturing a New Business

Monday, 17 June, 2024

This week, we’re celebrating everything Business at Bath Spa University. From courses to alumni, we’re highlighting the professional creativity that our students showcase regardless of their chosen discipline.

It isn’t just students from our business courses that are making waves in the industry however, with BSc Human Nutrition soon-to-be graduate Alice Haley already flexing her entrepreneurial muscles, with help and support from BSU along the way.

Alice, a mature student who arrived at BSU with ambitions of furthering her career in the world of nutrition, took the leap of setting up her own business – The Cotswold Nutrition Clinic – alongside her studies.

Speaking about her journey so far, Alice reflected on the challenges that arose in the early stages of her studies:

“I did a foundation year with another University but the course was cancelled after a year. I needed to move on. I went to Bath Spa with my partner on a dog walk, we didn’t even go to an Open Day, but I got such a good gut feeling about it. It was the best decision I’ve ever made.

I'm also a student with learning difficulties. I've got dyslexia and an ongoing diagnosis for ADHD and the support that Bath Spa offered me was incredible. The Careers team has been fantastic and I used the Writing and Learning Centre for pretty much every assignment.”

Despite these challenges, Alice found herself diving into the world of entrepreneurship, setting up her business in her final year, alongside working 20 hours a week.

Alice’s business, The Cotswold Nutrition Clinic, specialises in addressing lifestyle-related health conditions and promoting preventive health through a compassionate and personalised approach.

“It’s all been a learning process really. I have seven clients who I see at the moment, with appointments going fully live in July. I’m testing my software, setting up my website and social media as well; advertising myself ready to hit the ground running in July.”

Alice took advantage of one of the many funding opportunities available through the Careers Team at Bath Spa University, with the money being used to get her business off the ground.

“The Careers team have been incredible with the support they’ve offered. I wouldn’t have been able to launch my website without the funding offered. I’ve also had professional headshots done which I used some of the money for as well.”

Alice’s final year at university – whilst filled with challenges and opportunities to grow – finished on a high note at the 2024 VC Awards. A night that celebrates student achievement, Alice was awarded Student of the Year for the School of Science, an accolade that perfectly wrapped up her BSU experience.

“I was shocked really. Not in the sense that I didn’t put any effort in, but it was nice not to have to work towards something and purely be chosen off the back of your hard work.

The award ceremony was great and my mum got to see the campus for the first time as well, so we went for a walk around the lake as well. It was very heart warming that someone put me forward for the award and I’m very grateful to have won.”

Looking into the future, Alice now dreams of taking her business full-time and helping more clients in their health and nutrition journey. Firmly rooted in the BSU culture, Alice also plans to return to give talks about her experience and offer insight into the world of nutrition and business.

Reflecting on her experiences, Alice surmised what it means to be a student at Bath Spa University, as well as offering her advice to those students looking to follow in her footsteps.

“Don’t be afraid to ask questions and be sure to take advantage of all the brilliant facilities and support that Bath Spa has to offer. I’m not sure where I’d be without the support of the Writing and Learning Centre, my tutors and the Careers team.

Whenever I had any concerns, I could always raise it to my course leads. Everybody's really approachable and I’ll always be grateful for that community feel.”

Are you a BSU student ready to get your business off the ground? Our Careers team offers a wide range of funding opportunities that can help you realise your dreams.

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