Iftikhar Malik

Iftikhar Malik

  • Professor of History
  • Email: i.malik@bathspa.ac.uk
  • School or Department: CoLA - Culture and Environment
  • Office: NP.CM.214

Personal statement

Iftikhar teaches courses on Contemporary Muslim World, Muslim Diaspora, Modern Asia, the U.S. history, the British Empire, historiography, and the South Asian history and politics. In February 2015 and again in 2016, Iftikhar taught at the University of Helsinki as an Erasmus professor. During 2004, he taught an MA course (International Politics) at the University of Brussels, while in 2006, he was a visiting Erasmus Professor at the University of Barcelona (AUB). In July 2007, he lectured at the University of Peloponnese's International Summer Seminar held on the island of Hydra followed by another in Corinth in August 2015. In 2007-8, he trained more than one hundred EU election monitors for Pakistan at Pisa's Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna, followed by a specific workshop for EU safety personnel in 2009.

In March-April 2013, Iftikhar again trained several EU election monitors for Pakistan. On 23 March 2013, Iftikhar was a panellist along with Dominic Grieve MP, the Attorney-General, at the second annual conference on British Pakistanis, held at Oxford Union. Iftikhar has been an active member of the Punjab Research Group since 1990 and, among others, has convened conferences under its auspices in Bath and Oxford. In November 2012, Iftikhar presented two papers on Southwest Asian politics at an international seminar convened by Maastricht-based European Institute of Public Affairs (EIPA).

In November 2009, he offered a paper on security issues in Southwestern Asia at Southern Methodist University, Dallas, and in February 2011 his paper focused on the parameters of civil society at a conference on Pakistan at Jamia Millia, Delhi. On 26 November 2008, he presented a paper to an international conference on Political Islam, convened by the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) in Brussels.

On 24 March 2012, Iftikhar was the keynote speaker at Spalding Symposium at Merton College, Oxford. He has published seventeen books and seventy research papers in international journals. His recent publications include Pashtun Identity and Geo-Politics in Southwest Asia (London, Anthem, 2016); a volume by New Holland Publishers (London along with a US edition, 2010), two books with Greenwood Press, USA, (2005 and 2008), a chapter in Amnesty International Lecture/OUP Series (2006); a paper in Seminar (Delhi, 2007) and ten Online papers for scholarly sites/journals. Three of his books have appeared from Oxford in St. Antony's Series and two volumes have been published by Oxford University Press. His two recent books deal with Islam and Modernity in reference to Muslims in Europe and the United States.

He has contributed articles in The Encyclopaedia of Islam, OUP's Encyclopaedia of Human Rights, Blackwell's History-Compass, World Book Encyclopaedia, Europa, World and Its Peoples, and several other reference projects. Iftikhar is an MCR at Wolfson College, Oxford, and lives in Bath and Oxford.

He has been an external examiner for the University of Bradford (1998-2002, 2005, 2008); and PhD examiner at the University of Exeter (2009); University of Birmingham (2007); University of Sussex (2007-8); Bradford (2013); Glasgow-Caledonian (2014); UCL, Preston (2014); the University of East Anglia (2015), and at the universities in Karachi, Islamabad, Multan, Bahawalpur, and Aligarh (1992, 2008, 2010, 2016).

He is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and is on the editorial board of six scholarly journals based in Oxford, Coventry, Stockholm, Edgehill, Karachi and Islamabad. Since 9/11, Iftikhar has offered 870 interviews to the print, audio and visual media on a wide variety of subjects.

Academic qualifications

  • MA Oxford
  • MA Punjab
  • PhD Michigan State.

Professional memberships

  • Quaid-i-Azam Fellow, St. Antony's College, Oxford (1989-94)
  • Fellow of The Royal Historical Society, (2000-
  • Member, Common Room, Wolfson College, Oxford, (2002-
  • Edit. Board, Contemporary South Asia (1991-
  • International Journal of Punjab Studies
  • Edit. Board, Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences (2011-
  • Edit. Board, Critical Muslim (2010-
  • Journal of Peace and Democracy in South Asia (2003- 
  • Royal Commonwealth Society (2002-3)
  • Trustee, UK Iqbal Academy, (2003-2010)

Other external roles

  • Guest speaker on Islamic Studies at British Universities, HEFCE Workshop, London, 23 November 2007 
  • Guest speaker at various EU forums, 2008-13
  • Guest speaker at the FCO, 2004-9 
  • Expert advice on South Asia, BBC History Magazine, 2008 and 2009 
  • Executive Committee, British Association for South Asian Studies, 1997-2003
  • Executive Committee, British Association for Pakistan Studies, 1990-
  • Trustee and Executive Committee Member, UK Iqbal Academy, Birmingham, 2003-09
  • Member, International Association of Punjab Studies, 1997-.

Editorial work:

Refereeing and reading manuscripts for Oneworld Publications (Oxford); Minority Rights Group (London); C. Hurst; Yale University Press; Pluto; University of California; Oxford University Press; Angel Books, UGI, Pearson Group, Routledge, University of Manchester Press, and Plagrave. Referees papers for Asian Survey (Berkeley); The Geographical Review (Worcestor, MA.); Contemporary South Asia (Oxford); Ethnicities (Bristol), Pakistan Journal of History and Culture (Islamabad).

  • Media (radio, tv and papers) contributions and special lectures to public groups and think tanks:
  • 825 media interviews from 12 September 2001 to 7 August 2013
  • Interviews in The Observer (London), Los Angeles Times, Dawn (Karachi), The Washington Times, Politiken (Copenhagen), El Periodico de Catalunya (Barcelona), BBC History Magazine, Far Eastern Economic Review; The News International.

Prizes or shortlistings:

  • Twice shortlisted for Muslim News Achievement Award. (2001 and 2002) 
  • Fellowship of the Royal Historical Society 
  • Elected to the membership of the Common Room at Wolfson College, Oxford 
  • Briefing at Foreign and Commonwealth Office, (March and July 2003) 
  • Special Report on Asylum Case for a law firm, June 2003 
  • Interview Panel Expert at the FCO Selection of research staff on 31 July 2003 
  • Refereed a research paper for Asian Survey, UC, Berkeley, 2003 
  • Referee papers for Contemporary South Asia (Oxford) 
  • Refereed papers for Asian Survey, Berkeley, August 2004 and 2008 
  • Briefing at the MOD, London, 25 June 2004 
  • Briefing at Farnham Castle in June 2003, June-July 2004; May and September 2005; and January, February, June 2006; January 2008.
  • Refereed a paper for The Geographical Review (Worcester, MA), 2005.
  • Refereed a paper for Contemporary South Asia, 2005.
  • Refereed a paper for Asian Survey, May 2005.
  • Refereed Research Project for Canadian Council of Social Sciences, 2005.
  • Refereed a paper for Ethnicities, Bristol, October 2005
  • Refereed a paper for Contemporry South Asia, Oxford, March 2006.
  • Refereed eight papers for Pakistan Journal of History and Culture, November-December 2006 and January 2008.
  • Refereed a paper for International Studies, February 2007
  • Wrote an online research paper for Pakistan Security Research Unit (PSRU), University of Bradford, July 2007
  • Helped develop a web page for Shingetsu Institute, Japan, August 2007
  • www.opendemocracy.net
  • www.jis.oxfordjournals.org
  • www.history.ac.uk
  • Refereed 8 papers for Pakistan Journal of History and Culture (November-December 2007)
  • Refereed papers for Journal of Pakistan Study Centre, Karachi, January 2008, 2013.
  • Interview on elections in Gujarat, India: www.ia-forum.org
  • Review papers * books for Intelligence and National Security; Oxford Journal of Islamic Studies, and, Muslim World Book Reviews.

Teaching Specialism

  • Asian history
  • The history and politics of the contemporary Muslim world
  • Muslim Diaspora Communities
  • The British Empire
  • Historiography
  • South Asian Studies
  • The U.S. history and politics 
  • Research supervision in the above areas.

External examiners

  • The University of Bradford (1998-2002) 
  • London Metropolitan (2000-2004) 
  • The University(ies) of Karachi (1993-1994, 2011-3); Bahawalpur (1998-1999, 2011); Peshawar (2004)
  • Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan, (2005) 
  • The University of Bradford (2005, 2008)
  • The University of Birmingham, 2006 
  • The University of Sussex, 2007 
  • Muslim University, Aligarh, 2008 
  • Royal Holloway College, 2008
  • The University of Exeter, 2009 
  • International Islamic University, 2013.

Current scholarship

1-Islamic Modernism in India 
2-Frontier Politics.

Conferences and Seminars: 


  • Punjab Research Group, Coventry, 29 June.
  • Seminar on Intizaar Hussain, London, 19 May
  • The British Pakistanis, Oxford, 23 March
  • The EU Election workshops, Brussels. 27 March, 7 and 30 April.


  • Keynote Address, The Spalding Symposium, Oxford, 24 March
  • The British Pakistanis, Oxford, 17 February
  • EIPA (Maastricht) Conference on Southwest Asia, 12 November.


  • 1947: a seminar at St. Cross College, Oxford, 20 August
  • "The U.S., U.K., and the Muslims: A Study of Pluralism(s)", Georgia Tech Summer School at Worcester College, Oxford, 21 July
  • "Shared Values, Shared Experiences: Pakistan", Christian-Muslim Dialogue with Sadiq Khan MP, Tooting, 16 July
  • "The State of Pakistan", Jamia Millia, Delhi, 24-25 February
  • "Faith and Citizenship", London, 13 January.


  • "Adelard of Bath", Bath Guild Hall, 4 October
  • "After the Floods", a seminar at Oriel College, Oxford, 30 October
  • "Islam, South Asia and Britain", Southend, 16 April
  • "Sharia and Islam", Bath, 23 March.

 Recent professional updating

  • Participation in several teaching and learning workshops
  • Attended some equal opportunities courses
  • Has taught on an MA course (International Politics) at the University of Brussels (2004)
  • Erasmus teaching at the AUB, Barcelona, Spain (2006)
  • Have been supervising Ph. D. research
  • Taught at the Institute of International Relations (Hydra-Athens), 2007.

Research and academic outputs

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