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Emma Geen – Bath Spa University

Personal statement

Emma Geen is an author and lecturer. She holds a PhD in Creative Writing from Bath Spa. Her research interests are empathy and embodiment. Her debut novel 'The Many Selves of Katherine North' was published by Bloomsbury in 2016.

Academic qualifications

  • MA Creative Writing, Bath Spa University
  • MA European, University of the West of England
  • BSc Psychology, University of Reading

Thesis title

Stories in the Skin: Empathy, Embodiment and the Novel

Research overview

Emma Geen's research explores ideas of empathy and the materiality of stories, in particular the novel. The creative component is a speculative fiction novel about a girl who stops speaking. The research component examines the entanglement of empathy, embodiment and the novel using the story of, the 19th century writer, Vernon Lee as a framework.

Research interests

Empathy, embodiment, novels, speculative fiction.

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