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Laura Garcia Moreno – Bath Spa University

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Course studied: BA (Hons) Creative Writing and Publishing
Graduating year: 2022

“Bath Spa essentially allowed me to choose a career with confidence, as I learned what I was good at and what I enjoyed doing during my time there.”

Laura’s story

Laura (BA (Hons) Creative Writing and Publishing, 2022) is the Production Assistant and the Environmental Champion at Bath Festivals. She gained the Bath Spa Award 2022 and Bath Spa Leadership Award 2022, as well as completing the Digital Bootcamp Organised Sustainability for Net Zero 2023. 

What were the highlights of your time here?

From the Creative Writing part of the course was the fact that during my last year I finished my draft of an 80,000 word novel.  

From the Publishing side, my highlight was the work experience and real life projects. In my last year I organised a convention and had the chance to work with publishers which gave me firsthand experience of what life could be like after university, depending on what path I followed.

How did the course support your steps into industry?

"The course gave me the tools and the experiences that I needed to land my role. It also gave me the contacts and the networking opportunities as all my volunteering roles and different work experiences came from lecturers who knew what I wanted to achieve and helped me get there."

It was through a university lecturer that I got my first volunteering role with Bath Festivals, and the three volunteering roles that followed. Firstly, I volunteered to be a researcher for the Head of Programming at Bath Festivals; I also volunteered as Future Programmer with Bath Festivals which led me to programme two events with other Bath Spa students for the festival. In addition, I was a volunteer Assistant Event Manager throughout the May Festival which allowed me to network with the whole team. When my current role became available, I was personally emailed to attend an interview as they already knew me.

Before I got the job, the volunteering roles I undertook landed me nearly all the internship and job interviews that I applied for and gave me lots of things to talk about in the interviews. It meant I became really confident about what I could offer, and I gained an understanding of what the roles I was applying for really entailed day to day.

"The best thing about the course..."

The best thing about the course is the support, the module choices (which can really inform your path) and the work experience offered through Bath Spa contacts with local publishers or events and festivals.

"I am most proud of..."

All the volunteering roles I undertook including Bath Festivals, Lyra Festival and NSPCC. Also the projects such as organising the Publishing for Everyone Convention that I was assigned as part of our last year publishing module. All of this allowed me to achieve both the Bath Spa Award 2022 and the Bath Spa Leadership Award 2022. 

"My advice for current students..."

Take full advantage of all of the opportunities that come your way while you are at university. All of it will help you in your future career, whether it's part of your CV and can be used in interviews or to inform your decision of what path you want to follow after university.

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