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Welcome to our 2023/24 Teacher Education Prospectus

Teaching is one of the most important jobs in the world. It improves lives. It paves the way for discovery. And each day brings new opportunities to inspire children and see far-reaching results.

Teaching is much more than a job; it’s a life-changing, eye-opening, mind-expanding experience – for teachers and students alike.

You deserve to become the very best teacher you can be. Here at Bath Spa, we’re dedicated to ensuring this happens.


Our principles

We have over 75 years of experience in training the next generation of teachers, first operating as Newton Park Teacher Training College in 1946. We deliver outstanding training by following four principles:

  • We work in collaboration across a diverse partnership towards a shared vision of a well qualified and highly skilled teaching profession, built on each other’s strengths and expertise.
  • We nurture creativity around innovative pedagogy in order to prepare our teachers to thrive in an ever-changing educational context.
  • We develop critical thinking through engagement with a diversity of perspectives, reflection and the integration of theory and practice.
  • We are committed to care, recognising the needs of all individuals, supporting personal wellbeing and helping our teachers to develop empathy and emotional resilience.

Why teach?

Teaching is never just a job. It's a responsibility and an opportunity to have a positive impact on a whole generation. Big picture or small details, here are seven reasons you should choose teaching.

1. Make a real difference

Every child wants to learn. And every child has a mind brimming with curiosity. Be the one to unlock their potential and give your students the chance to shine. We all remember the teachers who changed our lives – the ones who believed in us and showed us new ways to understand and interact with the world. You could be that person.

2. Be rewarded

The intellectual and emotional rewards that come from teaching are incalculable – but the tangible ones are important, too. Starting salaries are very good, with plenty of opportunity for career progression, and additional money if you take on more responsibilities. There’s also the security of knowing you have a Teacher’s Pension Scheme.

3. Channel your creativity

From new technology to fresh ideas and global developments, teaching never stands still. As well as channelling the latest thinking, you’ll be encouraged throughout your career to try new approaches and push yourself to new creative heights. And of course, you’ll be working with the most creative people of all – children!

4. Embrace change

When you’re a teacher, no two days are the same. You’ll be continually surprised, delighted, challenged and fulfilled. And, regardless of the school you’re working in or the age of your students, you’ll realise that, in teaching, ‘the daily grind’ simply doesn’t exist.

5. Develop your skills

Great teachers always look at the bigger picture. They equip their students with the skills to forge bright futures – and encourage them to pursue their passions. But success stories aren’t limited to your students alone. With structured career progression, you can pursue your own longterm teaching goals – whether they’re rooted in the classroom, in a leadership role, or caring for students in a pastoral environment. Through your course, you'll earn 60 credits to put towards a Master's degree and further enhance your education.

6. Access funding

The world needs more exceptional and inspiring teachers, from all walks of life. If you’re worried about the money needed for teacher training, there are funding options available, including scholarships of up to £30,000 for specific subjects.

7. Never stop learning

Being a teacher is about so much more than sharing your knowledge. You can ignite ambition in your students and give them the confidence to thrive. And it works two ways. Youth has an uncanny way of subverting age and you might just find that your students teach you a thing or two: about life, the world, and most importantly, about yourself.

Why choose Bath Spa for teaching?

Bath Spa, in partnership with schools and educational settings, has a clear vision: to offer the very best training experience to ensure your success as a teacher. We go the extra mile to make sure you're ready for the classroom and that children in your care achieve the best outcomes in their learning. From day one, you’ll be recognised as a Bath Spa Teacher (BST), so you’ll be given professional responsibility, as well as plenty of support into your NQT year and beyond.

Thanks to our close partnership with schools, we are fully engaged in education from the ground up. We’re constantly learning from schools, teachers and students and adapting our approach accordingly. And, through our teacher training and School of Education, we’re also playing an active role in shaping education and bringing innovation and creativity into the classroom.

First-hand experience

Through our network of over 670 partnership schools, you’ll get the opportunity to train in exciting, innovative and challenging settings, and learn first-hand from experienced trainers. You’ll be expected to be inspiring and motivating, promoting high expectations in learning and behaviour for all children and young people.

Inspiring teacher educators

You’ll be taught and supported throughout your year by our team of talented teacher educators, both in school and university. They’re passionate and engaging, down-to-earth and supportive – and many of them are actively engaged in research and scholarship. This means they bring the most up-to-date (and often cutting-edge) academic expertise, as well as new and exciting approaches, to their teaching.

Open to everyone

Teaching is a rewarding career for anyone – and we welcome applications from candidates from a wide range of backgrounds. Wherever you come from, whatever your experience, what matters most is your enthusiasm and ambition: to become an inspiring and effective teacher and learner. And to put the wellbeing, learning and progress of children first.

While many candidates join us direct from university, people are increasingly choosing teaching as a career change, bringing valuable knowledge and experience from the workplace. It’s this mix of backgrounds, cultures, nationalities, ages and experiences that makes our course so vibrant and enriching.

Teacher Education events

Our open days will help you learn all about our teacher training courses and what it's like to study with us.

Thinking of applying?

Ready to take the next step? You'll find everything you need to know about how to apply on our website.

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